Women and Their Period (From a Consciousness View)

Women (in regard to their period) divide into 2 groups, the first is sad, the other is grumpy… It seems that a large majority becomes grumpy.
The ‘sad group’ experiences a deep sadness, but it has no connection to anything that caused it on the outside. It is a kind of a movement from very deep inside, it is coming with certain warmth. It begins with sadness – and it ends most of the time in a sort of safe cocoon – like the whole world can fall apart but she is ok, calm, in a cocoon. It comes with tiredness.
The 2 groups are really 2 levels; one is a lower level, and one is a higher level. Low level is flushing out a certain poison; the higher is experiencing this sadness.
Now, depending on the women’s nature and level, she can identify with the lower aspect or the higher aspect. The lower aspect is which is grumpiness is when she is identifying with bad blood leaving her. The higher aspect is because now,  that the bad blood is leaving the system, the soul has got more space to expand. And the sadness that some of the women feels, is really the sadness of their soul.
The sadness is the soul being a prisoner by bad blood, by poison that the women suppress, and which causes the soul to shrink. And when the poison is moving away and the soul can come out, the women experiences how sad the soul is, being in such terrible circumstances: being imprisoned by poison.
Now, it needs to be explained that there is nothing wrong or bad with this sadness; It is a good sadness. We have been brainwashed to with happiness only, and to avoid sadness. There is nothing wrong with the right kind of sadness. Sadness is the natural state of the soul, being in this terrible situation of the world and society.
One should feel empathy towards his own soul. To be with her sadness without identifying with it. To allow the sadness of the soul, to except the sadness of the soul. To be with her. To feel what it feels like for the soul to be sad.
We need to understand our soul through her sadness.
The higher one is based in herself – the more she will experience sadness, the lower she has based herself the more she will experience grumpiness (During period)..
The higher orientation towards the soul is to understand what a horrible  stat the soul is in most of the time.
So, the sadness that some women feel during their period is not their own but the soul’s own sadness.
The sadness feeling is a result of the soul expanding to fill the space that was occupied by bad blood.
The period of a woman is a great opportunity for her soul.
This is one of the only times that the soul can have a little bit of freedom, before the poison starts to accumulate again.
Hopefully women should become a better keepers of their gates, letting less rubbish come in, and then the blood will be less polluted, and then the soul will be more free most of the time. When a woman is a good keeper of her standards, she does not allow herself to become a victim and subject of rubbish from men around her. And then she will have less poison in her blood.
If she doesn’t let her blood be heated (and then suppress whatever heated it) then the period will be easier, because she will have less poison accumulating during the month.
The less poison there is in the blood, the more regular will be the period. The regularity of the period is a very important clue about the state of one’s blood.

Gabriel Raam 15/6/2009
(From a conversation with Sara)

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