When it Comes to Pain

The whole area of relationship is a very painful area. The things which are most painful we are least aware. Because we don´t want to feel pain.
I don´t think that there is a person between the age of 20 and 30 that doesn´t feel a lot of emotional pain trying to get a relationship. And the more sensitive the person is, the more pain he experiences and the more he has to block it so the pain will not come to his consciousness. So this is self deceiving because there is pain about relationship in you, you just don´t allow it to come to consciousness.
It´s very natural for you to feel pain. It´s not a sin. You shouldn´t hide it. You should say to yourself, yes, this area is very painful.
Everybody has got painful areas. It´s mostly has got to do with relationship between man and woman, this is where we get hurt the most.
What is the point of facing the pain instead of shutting down in front of it?
The more you shut down when there is pain, the weaker you become and the more the pain controls you.
You should immune yourself with pain little by little.
The more damage is caused by pain when you´re not conscious of it than when you are conscious of it.
The fact that you disconnect from it, doesn´t make it less damageful.
At some point, which is now very far away from you, you should be friends with our pain. Pain has actually protected us from getting injured. Pain is the real you. The weak you.
You should be the boss of pain and not allow pain to be the boss of you. You shouldn´t get into panic when you feel pain. When you face pain and overcome it, you get stronger. We only get stronger by overcoming pain.
You should learn to live with pain, it´s natural, it´s ok.
Until now you thought that what you should do when there is pain, you should run away. But this doesn´t make you stronger it makes you weaker.
You should immune yourself with pain against greater pain. Get used to the idea of pain in your life. We are not in heaven, we are in a very difficult place in a world where people are acting like bastards to each other. Especially women are caused a lot of pain. Men have no idea how much pain they cause them. If you talk to them they say:” It´s nonsense, just don´t feel pain”
Dilemma: On the one hand you don´t want to be alone on the other hand when you try relationship  it is very painful. So what is the solution? You must get used to pain.
Everything that has to do with truth, we must go trough an area of pain first. Pain and Truth are very much connected. Ignoring pain doesn´t allow you to come to truth.
It´s only pain, it doesn´t kill you, it get´s you stronger.
A marathon runner says he doesn´t feel pain. It´s not true, he feels incredible pain, but it´s now part of his system, he overcame pain. Therefore it doesn´t hurt anymore. It´s only hurting in the beginning.
You can´t live painless life. But you can get used to it so you don´t feel it anymore. Otherwise you can´t become a marathon runner.
You can train yourself to get used to bigger and bigger amounts of pain. You then don´t feel it anymore, because it became part of your system. A developed person can suffer pain more without being finished by it.
If you want real life, real development and real experience you must go through pain.
You believed that you shouldn´t experience pain. You believed that you should limit the amount of pain.
Mantra: The more you can suffer without falling down, the stronger you´ll become
The self protection mechanism happens to you all the time and it´s controlling your life and limits the horizons of your life to an area were you feel less pain. The more you limit your life to that area the weaker you will become. When you overcome the pain you feel like a winner. It makes you stronger
One needs to overcome oneself. To overcome oneself one needs to overcome the pains that control oneself. You can´t be the boss if you don´t overcome pain. Get used to it. Take it as a part of life.
If you keep away from pain it makes you weaker. You cannot allow pain to control yourself.
Every advancement must be able to suffer more pain than before.
It´s ok to allow yourself to suffer pain little by little and get your system to get used to it. And don´t run away when you feel pain. Pain is everywhere. You cant grow up without pain. A woman who gives birth suffers a lot of pain. Every important step is with pain
You only get stronger when you get used to pain you could not suffer yesterday. Pain doesn´t kill you, it only gets you stronger.
You must get stronger. This life is not for weak people. This life is for strong people. And if you´re not strong you should make yourself strong. This life is like a war. We need to survive the pain of life, the attacks of life. When you see in the faces of people in the age of 50 and 60 you see that they are victims of the pains that they couldn´t suffer.
The most important thing in life is to survive the wars, struggles and the challenges and the pains and hurt without it finishing you.
It you fall down you must get up again for another fight and another fight. And with every fight you get stronger. Life either makes you weaker or stronger. What is your choice?
Pain is not so horrible, its part of growing up. The more capable you are, the more powerful you are, the better you are equipped to have pain without crushing down.
This place, this world is not for weak people. It´s taugh world and people are not so nice the way they make themselves look. People can be very cruel, they can be very hurting and very attacking.
And the only way for you is to teach yourself to survive, by withstanding pain.
Face life and be able to be a survivor!
You should be able to control your life, not pain.
Pain is actually a mechanism that allows you to survive. If you wouldn´t have pain you would die. Pain tells your brain, something is wrong here. If we wouldn´t feel pain, we would die very soon. Pain is the watchman.
You don´t want to run away all your life. You don´t want to be a week person when you come to 50. You want to grow up and get stronger.
This life is for warriors.The idea of life is to not to win life, not to get pleasure for life, but actually to survive life.
Our parents when they´re young, they´re not telling us the truth. They´re not saying: Listen kid, life is a jungle, and if you´re not going to eat, other people are going to eat you. No one educated us to the truth that life is very tough to a lot of people and a lot of people get injured and people get hurt. But life is a war and if it´s a war you should be a warrior and learn to survive.
I go out of my home in the morning and I´ve got only one wish, to survive the day. Not to go home completely injured, but actually having an inner state that I managed to maintain and survive. Being able to survive is the highest quality possible taking into account how difficult and cruel this life is.
Anyone that told you that life could be beautiful, easy and full of harmony was lying to you. No one tells the truth how difficult life is. Especially for women, especially for bachelor women and especially bachelor sensitive women. You are the victims of this cruel life more than men are. The way men treat women is absolutely awful. Men cause women much more pain than women cause men. Women don´t cause pain, they´re not cruel. They seek harmony and empathy. Men are different. They want to win.
It´s not easy, going from ignoring pain for years to suddenly switch in moments and say welcome to pain. It takes time. Your should give yourself a few days for this message to sink in. Listen to the recording.

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