What is The Consciousness Way?

You are not on the way, until you go all the way.
The consciousness way will forever be new and different, never really familiar, usually dramatic, and certainly never boring.
It is a strange way; you won’t see it stretching out before you, but materializing under your feet. It will be unsettling, even frightening at first, until you learn to trust it. You will not be able to feel it before you step on it, before you’ll make a step into the void.
The consciousness way is not a thought to be contemplated, but an action to be lived. It is in being and in consciousness.
It is not a doctrine that you adopt, but it is an inner path to live by. It is the way of living and mastering your inner life.
If you’re on a recognizable path, a familiar path, you’re most likely not on the consciousness way.

Except for the five ways, there are only circles, loops, in which you are locked and turning around and around like a hamster trapped in a carousel, running for nothing, and getting nowhere.

 Men were supposed to take off and fly, but we can’t perform this quantum leap. Again and again we are being pulled into a loop.

Our loops are familiar ground. We will return to them whenever our guards weaken. If we’ll have no observer, it will be very easy to slide into the loop. The slide is a short and a hidden one. We will slide into a loop each time we identify and become personally involved with what we feel (especially true with negative emotions like hurt, anger, competitiveness) or when we fall into pressure and stress (though we might believe we are on the right track).

These are the loops. To escape it you must know the way – the consciousness way.


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