What is a Counter Habit?

Habit accumulate and get stronger over the years. we  have got the weight of the habit of many years, and the way out of it is to build a counter habit, but the counter habit is very weak. It doesn’t have an automatic process yet. So one slips into the automatic process: of feeling sorry for himself and all the rest of it. It is very powerful and very strong.
What is a counter habit?
A counter habit is a contradict and which superimposes and which goes on top of the old habit. If one writes something on a paper with a pen, he needs to take a big marker to write on top of it, until a new writing hides the old writing.
Another example:  a host pipe in the garden with water and is watering the plants.
When there is a strong stream coming out of the pipe, and one just let it run, it makes canals in the ground. And if the water goes in the canals every day, there is a very deep canal. So if one comes another day and  open again the water, it goes into the same canal. This is the old habit of feeling sorry for oneself when he falls into a crisis.
One need to create new canals, but it is not done in a day.
It is like in old thinking patterns.
And this is why one needs a very very powerful observer, which does a lot of ‘architect’ (mental projection). This is where one can counter balance the old pattern.
Sharpening oneself: to look for where the danger is going to spring, be prepared. Have part of it in oneself already as an antidote, as an antibiotics.
It is a defense system.
The point is when one  does the ‘architect’ – he should be prepared for the antithesis. And he should have in him already the antithesis. If one is going to talk to his/her Co partner and he knows that he will insult him: he needs to put in his mind already that he will insult him, before it happens. And one needs to compete with it, fight with it, before it happens in an ‘Architect’ way; Be prepared.
So when it comes, he is already prepared. So if one has part of the illness in him, before he meets the illness, he will not get ill, because he got the antidote (like in antibiotic).
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