Truth is Like a Giant Glass Plan

Broken Glass Shards Set, Crashed Window Fragments by vectorpocket ...

Truth is like a giant glass plan that has been both disappeared from most human perception, and for the rest, it is there, but it was broken to many small and unequal pieces.
Most human live with its replacements for long time now, but few are looking for a broken piece (in religions, poetry, mysticism, psychedelics, Philosophy, gurus, shamans and wise man).
But each piece holder is holding part of the truth, never to be whole again. (Not to mention that the dimension of their consciousness is too narrow even for grasping the magnitude of the little broken piece).  But the worst is that: each broken-truth holder, is not cooperating, with other partial-truth holders, (in order to get a fuller picture), they claim to have either the whole truth or at least the road to it.
So, what is ‘broken truth’ more: ‘Broken’? Or more: ‘truth’?
The answer is: broken…

Why so? because the fact that we only see particles of reality is more meaningful than the truth hidden in them, of which we mostly are unaware of in our deteriorated consciousness.

So, we should be humble in the face of that which will always be out of our grasp.
But to end here would leave a bitter after taste, so here is something to ponder about: the broken truth piece could have been originally closer to the center, or near the extremities. To which area between the two, does your current (or future) piece of broken truth, belong to?

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