To Give a Shape to the Emotion

Inside each one of us feelings and emotions exist; once in a while we try to talk about them, to speak them out, to write them down – to put them into words.

It’s usually a struggle, it hard, it’s like trying to put water in a straw basket: we will end up with a wet basket but without any water in it…

And such is the emotion, slippery, with its liquid character, and it’s not easy to put words around it to catch it, words that can transfer the emotion itself, or at least, the connection to the emotion. Words that if they are written or spoken, can- every time we will listen to it, rise up the surface the original emotion.

Many people recoil put emotions into words, they are afraid this slippery liquid will lose its grip from the clumsy word. Some afraid it will be a rape to put emotions into words, they say “you can’t talk about this, you have to feel it”, or, “I have no words for it”.

But I rather write the positive side of put emotions into words, part of the most enlightened great creations of human beings are the real meaning of it : trying to capture the human emotion essence and put it into words. If it’s in literature, poetry or theater plays.

I would like to defend and explain this idea of describing emotion with words. But first, some fragrances to absorb and think about::

· to put something into words= to give it a shape

· to give something a shape = to give it life

· When we die, we lose our shape.

Thus bring the thought: does the shapeless emotion is not alive? Apparently no. if the soul can live without a body, than it’s a virtual existence. Without the shape the soul has no realization, presence or the ability to communicate and respond the surrounding. And as the body less soul so is the wordless emotion, it is alive, but as a ghost, in the gray area between the living and the dead. Emotions which are not captured by thought, wondering here and there or blended= savage. Or to put it in other words: they are like the crouch grass corrupting the human creative and intelligence, stopping us from renaissance.

To understand something is to give it shape, to live is the ability to create, and that you can do only if you have shape. Meaning, well crafted lines bordering your being, defining it, characterizing it.

The shape allows something to be and at the same time preventing it from getting wild and spread all around.

That’s the great paradox of life, we are limited by our shape, but that’s what allow us to exist. Without the shape and counter we have no individual existence, autonomic and delineated from the out side. The defined autonomy allows us realization. And not only realization, but functioning, creation and communication as well. Only when something is clear and well defined being, it can communicate with others clear and well defined beings. To communicate is to take amorphous idea from the mind/emotion into words or jesters. And this is the case in communication and creation, if we can take this amorphous idea into words/shape, than we can create. Creating is to give something a shape.

That’s about the communication and art area. At the religion and spiritual area there is an attempt to refine, reduce and sometime eliminate the shape in order to increase the connection to the spiritual religion essence in the human. Sometimes, in some religions and spiritual altitudes there is miss consumption regarding life. To reach higher levels of spiritually you don’t have to shake of from the shape and try to connect the spirit in its abstract level. The body is not an enemy to the soul but its complementary, its his expression, the body is a way to reach the spiritual. Spiritualism which does not understand and support the body as the stairs and path to the spiritual and the exalted of the human – leads to a dead end.

So the body is not antitheses to the to the raw spiritual and soul essence, on one hand it’s his only expression “tool”, on the other it’s the only path to communicate with the spirit and soul.

So the body is not antithisis to the to the raw spiritual and soul essence. It is the means by which the soul expresses it self. And at the same time through the body one can ‘talk’ with the soul of the other. I talk, of course, about: Body Language.

It’s easy for the young and non-unified person to see the shape as an enemy to the spirit, but context without shape and borders get lost and shape without context is nothing but coffin.

The essence of birth is to dress a well defined shape around a soul and spirit.

The words describe the emotions, from that point the emotions begins to live. Meaning, from the moment we describe and express our emotions, the emotion can create, can do something. Emotion we are not aware of or aware of but do not understand it, it’s like a ghost inside of us, weaken us from the inside.

But words can sometimes jail emotions (life and death by the thong)

That happen when words are not tuned to the essence of the emotion, its inner dynamics, instead they come from external ideas, labeling it according a general collective thought. This act does not birth the emotion, but put into a coffin before it was born.

That’s sometimes what happens in a psychological treatment or an adult rational intellectual discussion about someone behavior and emotional state: words put emotion in an intellectual jail instead of trying weaving the appropriate skin and shape which fits the dynamics and essence of the human and its emotion.

So words can jail and destroy the living essence of emotions, and they can give birth to it thru a body and shape that transfer the essence of this emotion. And than (and only than) emotion is being born, and than (and only than) it has life. That’s the meaning of Archimedes jump out of his bath!, that’s the great joy every time we really understood something. A joy of creation, of new life. The great spiritual elevation we have by the understanding we gave life, the understanding we created and gave birth to something.

And so, every time emotion and consciousness meets, life is born in the human. His consciousness expends, and he himself grows and develops as a human. That’s the essence of life and the idea of rebirth: your consciousness and soul meet each other, and rebirth occurs.


Gabriel raam.\


A remark: thi artical has got a continuation in the from of questions and answers, in the folowing link: ../8311

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