A Dialogue On Tightness and Focus


G comments that the group is slow and energies are low.
G.: I want to ask you, how satisfied are you from the level of energies, the level of  intensity,   and power of the fifth way which are present in the meeting so far? Er.: Not very satisfied, last meeting was much more powerful.
N.: No, I’m not satisfied.
D.: I’m content with the energies, but the subjects are not satisfying.
S.: Me too, same like D.
El.: This meeting I don’t feel that much.
G.: Shall I tell you why it is so? Because you came disorientated with your mind, and you didn’t prepare yourself for this meeting. I think you came like zombies. You don’t have your consciousness present- to work with; basically what I get from you is a sense of a flat tire.  And it’s interesting to me that you gave the usual  description of how you came, and what is interesting is that according to this description  everyone except S. came in a good state. but the general feeling is of a flat tire. This is very unsatisfactory; I don’t feel that you came here tuned, sharp, charged,. I don’t feel you. And I think that when you come here, you should pump yourself before, you should ask yourself: – Where am I going?
– What is this place?
– What is the right state of mind to come to this place?
I think that you just stumbled in, you just came here with the same state of mind that you have been in outside, which is basically very much low in spiritual inner tension. Now I want to know what you think of what I said?
El.: I was surprised that I feel down, for not getting what I used to from this meeting.  I was surprised to check what was wrong with me.
G.: Well now you know what is wrong with you. What is wrong with you?
El.: I didn’t prepare for this meeting.
G.: You didn’t prepare for this meeting. This is the main thing for all of you. You cannot come to this meeting without preparing for it. This is lake of respect for this meeting. If you see football players, they do warm-up exercises. You cannot just go without any preparation and wait for me to do the work for you – because then you come here to consume me, you come to get stimulation. I’ll work with you, but you need to be in the state with which I can work with. It’s like musical instrument – you need to be tuned and maybe it’s the most I important word I said so much – tuned. And how you tune yourself? Ask yourselves the following questions:    1. who am I going to meet? 2. What is demanded of me? 3. Am I in the right state of mind? 4. Am I sharp? 5. Am I exact? 6. Is my mind powerful or flat? If it’s flat you should do exercises with your mind, here are some examples you can do anywhere, in a queue in a bank, in the car.: : 1. Go home and count all the red things that you see (for example). 2. For the next ten minutes you just concentrate on feet and give yourself a report about what kind of feet do you see – ugly feet, big feet, heavy shoes.
3. Pay attention to all the squar shpes and compare their quantity to the round and triangular shapes. 4. Watch for all the straight lines. 5. Watch all the curvy lines. 6. If you are looking at people, look at all the people that have upset faces. And so on.
These exercises are very good because you take one thing and you go with it. Your mind usually wants to ease tension and to jump from one stimuli to another. And this is done by running from one association to another.  The more this is done – the more you loose the  power of your mind. The way you gain power is by moving from the surface to the center – going against the stream.  Don’t let your mind wonder, call it back to the center.
Do not be loose, be tight.
I will send you questions for tightness, before meetings: 1. Who is Gabriel? 2. Who is Gabriel for me and what does he means to me? 3. What is this meeting I am going to? 4. What is the meaning of this meeting for me? 5.  Am I in the right state to do intensive work? 6. What are these people for me?
You should get togther before meetings, and go qver this questions, togther.
Don’t take it for granted that just because you are you and you are in the fifth way and come to the meeting, you are in the right state. In fact, if you have been most of the day at work, most chances that you come in the wrong state – Wrong, not in the sense that something is wrong with it, but you didn’t pump yourself to be ready for the meeting. When I meet you, I want to feel your presence, to see that you are there. Like in the army; when I say “D., in five seconds you have to get a glass of water from the kitchen” and you are there. You need to be ready all the time. I have a feeling that if I would say: “S., in five second…” you would say “Haaaaa …?” this is the feeling I get from you. You are not together you are all over the place.
I will send you a lot of exercises and you should do them on the way here, and meet 15 minutes before the meeting and exercise together.
Here are genral ‘mind pumping’ exercises:
Mind livens Exercises: 1. Person A: Starts saying the alphabet       Person B: Says “stop”.       Person A: Needs to say all the words that begin with the letter on which he stopped                         Without hesitation or blackouts – instead of saying “ah….” or longs stops,                         He needs to say “Banana” repeatedly .
2. Same as previous exercise, except that instead of saying words that start with the     same letter, needs to say words that begin with the last letter of the last word.
After doing the exercises with the group… D. and Er. Got a measure of the state they came to the meeting with.
G.: If you come here with this sloppy state of mind h, do you suppose that I will tickle you and bring life to your lazy mind?  No, I want your awakened mind, so I can work with it and take it somewhere. You should not come to me to find stimulus. It’s the first time that I didn’t give you stimulation and actually let you feel the heaviness with which you came. And you didn’t like it, you expected me to save you from it by being the jumping dolphin – and I didn’t do it. Because you come here not to have a show – you come here to work and until you understand that, there is no fifth-way. I’m sorry to say that most of my students come here to have Shaw and a stimulation that they will use to consume and then go home and go back to their flatness. If you use this meeting to get a stimulation, you go back to be more flat then when before you came. If your system does not digest food with vitality in it, if you give your system food with a lot of sugar then it jumps up and then goes back to being more under-pressured than before. Don’t use this meeting for stimulation – it’s wrong. And I tell you what: if you do not force yourself out of this lazy state of mind – this will be your natural tendency – you are not even aware that you are doing it. I think that people come here because they think they will get here stuff that will makes them go “WOW!”
.  Don’t come to consume, come to work.
Another exercise: Two students stand one in front of the other and by turn one tries to poke the other ones palm with his finger while the other tries to avoid and confuse the poker. The winner is the one who succeeded poking the others palm more times.
All students feel more focused, G. concludes..
G.: Because you concentrate all your energy on one place now,  You need to understand how people are most of the time – most of the time, their mind is escaping and they are reducing charge, they don’t want tension. What these exercise doing is causing you to get more energy and thoughts to your centers. It makes your centers energetic and you feel more alive. People want to give up energy, release energy, and they don’t know what to do with energy they have. In this sense, you should be like children, have a combination of two things: 1. Liveliness and vitality that you have now. 2. You should be concentrated in your mind, sharp with your mind and know what you are   doing now, where you are going and what is happening to you.
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