The Floor and the Ceiling

(The following is an excerpt of a consciousness conversation of a student with Gabriel Raam)

Part of you is infantile, and that is the part in you that was giving you trouble, the part that was hiding itself from me and the group; the part which caused you to sit on defense. But part of you is loving truth. This is your great hope.
But you see, there is a huge problem in this. Because loving truth has got a very high profile and very good public relations. And it‘s nice to love the truth. And you bath in the limelight and you feel good in yourself and you feel great because you love truth. And you love truth, you love truth with no problem.
What I‘m saying is that if a person wants to develop, there is the ceiling and there is the floor. The ceiling is inspiration. The ceiling is loving truth. The floor is everything that you hide from you and do not wish to work on. This is the floor. When you have an objection to do the defense mechanisms, and when you say you do the defense mechanism where in fact you don‘t, you just make yourself believe as if you do it – that is the floor.
Now, what happens with many people is that they continue to love truth, they read more and more books about truth, and they meet more and more people that give them the truth. So the ceiling is getting higher and higher. But the floor is not getting higher. It‘s getting lower and lower. Things do not stay in one place. And if 2 years ago you have  been personally involved 80% out of a hundred, today you are probably 85% involved. If you do not deal with something, it gets worse. Look at the state of your muscles. That‘s what happens with the floor.
And the danger is, to have a total disconnection between the floor and the ceiling. And the person looks at the floor and says: „This is not me! This is a mistake that happened to me. And in anyway I am going to get rid of it. The real and the only me is the person who loves the truth!“
You ignore the lower part, and choose to identify with the higher part. Let me tell you the most scary thing: the real you is the floor! It‘s not the ceiling! The real you, is the level below which you could not go. The real you is your standards: what you would not allow to happen. That‘s the real you. The higher you – well, you can‘t count on it. It comes, it goes, it gives a nice feeling, but you are not centered there, there is no center of gravity, it‘s like shifting sands. And you need to make your floor solid, and permanent, and you can trust it that I can come to you and can say to you the most horrible things in the world and you say to yourself: Gabriel, you can say whatever you want, it doesn’t go in because I have such an emotional immune system, Im not getting infected!
And then, you can approach truth. Only when the gap between the floor and the ceiling is as minimal as possible, only then you are healthy enough to approach the higher levels of human existence.
By the way, I want to give you a very good example that maybe I gave before: the room in which you live, If you want to have a good atmosphere, you can do one of two things: you either go and get candles, and bells, and sacred music, and play it in the room. Or you can simply wash the floor. When you wash the floor, you clean all the areas which are out of sight but have got dirt on them. Dirt transmits a vibrancy of low energy and it does not allow high energy to come.
You need to differentiate between dirt and pollution: dirt is only something that is not clean. There is nothing wrong with dirt. Animals, pigs, cows live in dirt and everything is ok. The problem is when dirt is meeting high influence. Then you get a pollution. Pollution is when a low thing is getting into a high system.
Your blood is high. If you get dirt in your blood, you get an infection. There is no problem to have dirt on your skin. Your skin can have dirt, but not your blood. When you have a dirty room and you want to have high atmosphere, clean the room thoroughly. And when you clean the room thoroughly, with water and soap, and you brush all the corners, and you open the windows for fresh air, and you just sit there for a moment – I promise you, there will be high atmosphere!
What I‘m actually saying is that high atmosphere is everywhere. It‘s dying to come. It can‘t because of the low state of the human being. A human being does not need meditation to connect to a higher level. All he needs to do is to clean his floor. The higher level will come. It couldn‘t not come.
We focus on the high and we neglect the low. Now, any spiritual teacher that you will tell „excuse me, should I focus on what is fucked up and this way I will become holy?“, he will say: „God forbid, no! Why should you deal with what is fucked up in your life? How can you get holy? Think positive thoughts!“
I‘m saying no. You can think positive thoughts until tomorrow but if your emotions get polluted every day by someone saying to you a bad word, you get polluted. Or you don‘t get to a high level altogether and you just live in fantasies. The main thing is the floor, not the ceiling. Your love of truth, no one will take it away from you. You are a genuine truth lover. And you are inspired, because you see: if I take a normal person, and I tell him terrible things about himself, he wouldn‘t be inspired. Because he doesn‘t love truth! He just loves himself! You love yourself, and you love truth. And when truth meets not such a nice image of you, you so much love truth that you go with the truth and you forget yourself.
You sense truth in what I‘m saying, you sense the energy of a high consciousness penetration. I‘m saying to you things which are not comfortable yet you sense truth in my words. You love the truth so much, that you forget to get insulted by the things I tell to you, and you get inspired by the truth! Now this is good, and this is not good.
If you can only go by being inspired by truth, and not dealing with what is low, you might be in a high state most of your life, but you wouldn‘t develop. Development is to take the lower and to bring it to the level of the higher, by cleaning it. If you want a room with high atmosphere, don‘t look at the ceiling, look at the floor. Because dirt goes down.
The problem with the human race is that they too much think about angels, and they do nothing about their polluted emotions.

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