The Warrior of Wakefulness

The warrior of wakefulness lives in the world of the sleeping. And he lives there in two states: a passive state and an active state. in the first passive state he fits in, he is a forgin agent it is not for him to be found out. In the second state in the room (presence?) of the sleeping he must a wake .or must fight for his wakened world. And then he returns to his inner spring that has all wais been loaded (charged?), ever sins he has brandied himself “I am the secret agent of wakefulness, he have known full well that it will bee required to unlock the arsenal and make battle.
He has always known that to be awake is a state of a lighted consciousness and that in the world of the sleeping is to be against.
To be against is to be alone and to be alone is to avoid trouble but still to take a stand against some thing  then it is  gust a mater of time before the next conflict will present it self .
Like a trooper in ambush laying alone in the darkness by the border praying that no enemy will come this night but if it should happen he is ready for combat.

People of wakened consciousness are warrior’s the cord from a wakened man fuse to the detonator of the warrior my seem long but at times that the sense of freedom and individuality are under attack then it is less then short .
The warriors of the living breathing consciousness are different from the well fed armies of government’s regiments and battalion they are out numbered few and scattered not organized and out gunned they are hungry but burn with different fire a hard fire.
The wakened dos not seek war, he is dragged in to combat despite his protest, he has nothing against the sleepers around him all he wants is his freedom and self respect to be himself ,he will plead he will beg that his right for the life of a waking conciseness not be violated .but if all fails then….
Like a dormant volcano that pours magma flowing and burning all that will stand in its path
And the sleeper that has been the receiving end  to this  will not know ware has this come from .for he has disposed of his trash to the dormant volcano from did this great anger come from all he wanted was for the sleep to continue and be like before like ever one else
But it is to late now the banner of war has been raised

it cold have been prevented at list a thosned time by understanding he has no part in the dream world of thus ho would try to change him  but once the volcano has erupted and the secret agent has transformed to a warrior  one piece of trash to many all that is left to do is step aside

wakefulness – a periodic state during which you are conscious and aware of the world; “consciousness during wakefulness in a sane person is pretty well ordered and familiar”

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