The Three Steps of Awareness

Consciousness is power. A power to elevate a process stuck in self-preservation…
A person who lives without being conscious (to what is happening within and with him, and to what he is doing) – is stuck in a state of self-preservation instead of evolution.
People do not try to be conscious, and this is because they are convinced they are already conscious. Only  if they understand that there is another (or higher) level of consciousness,  can they try to be (more) conscious.
But here is another obstacle: People want action, and consciousness seems static or passive.
The truth about consciousness is very different; Consciousness changes the essence of that which it is pointing at, (just because it is pointed at it), like sunlight which changes color of certain vegetation to green.
Another reason why consciousness is rarely used is because of fear, fear that if a person will be conscious of something – he might discover monsters, and skeletons.
So, consciousness is perceived either as a waste of time or as a dangerous act which can open a Pandora box.
Consciousness is the fruition and the blossom of a process which begins with being aware. So, what is awareness? Awareness could be defined as giving neutral attention to something inside us. Neutral, because if there is a slight deviation towards positive or negative identification, everything collapse and the situation only gets worse, into personal involvement with the negative (usually) or positive aspect of which the awareness was projected on, that’s why awareness could be dangerous, because it makes anything it projected on, more powerful.
So if a person decides to become aware, he should be sure he has the strength and guts not to identify not to take things personally, otherwise he should stay in the unaware side.

And back to the awareness as the beginning of a transformation process. If a person projects awareness into part in him and (therefore) ‘lights up’ this part, it has the ability to upgrade it…
Anything the awareness is pointed at gets into a process of upgrading. Awareness is an effective power, when it projected to a certain area, this area begins an inner process; the lower part goes down and the higher parts rises up, and by that it create rebirth in the higher level of him, but  this only being done at the third level of awareness, (and about that later on in the article).
Awareness separates the rough from the delicate, it’s a distilling fining process, and usually the rough and the delicate are mixed. If you put dirt in a dirty room, it will be dirtier, but if you put dirt in a clean shiny room –and they get mixed – you get contamination.
Our system is full of high and spiritual energies and experiences, but also with low and rough ones, and it all mixed together into thick slime. A person cannot set a growing developing system unless he will separate the rough from the fine in him, and this one can do with awareness.
We have got three levels in the process of awareness; at first it is neutral – only observe,  and later it is an understanding, and then on the third level it is an intelligent attention. These three levels: neutral, understanding and intelligence – are the three steps towards developing consciousness in a person.

First step- neutral:
The first stage in awareness is in reminding oneself to pay attention to something. Here the awareness is not automatic or even semi-automatic, and the person needs to remind himself to be aware of something.
For example, the relation a person has with his mother; usually a person becomes aware of his relating to his mother only if there is certain emotion, but in aware process, it should be done without any emotional condition,  in should be brought about in an artificially initiated neutral way. Only then can the person observe his relation with his mother without any emotional identification, just observing. In this stage it is important not to try to understand it (that comes in the next level), instead it is necessary just to observe, and to try not to identify with what is being observed; to let it float into neutral awareness. It is done in a way of watching oneself as though from the outside, uninvolved.
Awareness in this stage also called: the observer.
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2nd stage- understanding:
This level is “half (or semi-) automatic”. In this level you do not drop back to unaware state right after it is being initiated, (as in the first stage).
Here the person begins to understand what is going on, he begins to understand not only the issue itself but also the inner processes that happen within the issue which one tries to be aware of.

3rd stage- intelligence:
Here the awareness is already ‘living’ inside the person, it exists as part of his sub-consciousness, and it is now embedded. It is being transformed from a system that needs a push all the time (first level) into a system that needs a push or activation every once in a while (second level). In this third level it is automatic. The person itself is not aware of it anymore, because that’s it is already part of him.
Meaning, embedded awareness upgrades the system from an individual understanding system into ongoing intelligence.
The move of the awareness to the sub-consciousness (through half consciousness) is the move of knowledge into intelligence.
The only way for awareness to preserve itself is to become sub consciousness. And only when the awareness becomes automatic and unconscious – we can talk about developed real consciousness in the person.

Gabriel Raam 23.5.2008

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