The Rock of Sisyphus

Thinking Through: The Rock of Sisyphus

Posted on May 26, 2020 by Gabriel

The rock of Sisyphus keeps rolling down. The gravitational pull of his difficult and injured past, is so powerful and the rock is so heavy.
But who is Sisyphus and what is the rock?
Well, Sisyphus is every one of us, in this existential living. But there is another kind potential Sisyphus: a creative artist, (or creative thinker or a creative playwright etc.). The rock is made of all his current crises, downfalls, failures and the antithesis – all make the rock too heavy to hold.
But once the rock hits rock bottom, he can either get crushed by it (mostly), or get connected again most powerfully, to the deep longing and dedication for the heavenly mountain-top. At that point of longing – a massive powerful creative energy is rushing into him, and now he pushes the rock with the force of his creative inspiration.

Each creative works being done on the way, results in a jump up towards the top.
His weight is so light now (with the power of the creative flow) that he actually doesn’t push the rock up, he is flying up with the rock of his personal problems in his hands, being carried on the wings of his bursting creative delight and joy.



The myth of Sisyphus, by Alber Camus.*

*Camus, Albert (1955). The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays. New York: Alfred A. Knopf

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