The Observer Effect

Fundamental to contemporary Quantum Theory is the notion that there is no phenomenon until it is observed. This effect is known as the ‘Observer Effect’.
The implications of the ‘Observer Effect’ are profound because, if true, it means that before anything can manifest in the physical universe it must first be observed. Presumably observation cannot occur without the pre-existence of some sort of consciousness to do the observing . The Observer Effect clearly implies that the physical Universe is the direct result of ‘consciousness’.
This notion has a striking resemblance to perennial esoteric theory which asserts that all phenomena are the result of the consciousness of a single overlighting Creative Principle or the Mind of God..
There is a delicious irony in all this. Contemporary Western scientific theory postulates that human consciousness is solely a result of the workings of a physical brain, yet if the observer effect is correct, the physical matter comprising a brain cannot come into existence until it is the subject of observation by some pre-existing consciousness.
NOTE: For an excellent introduction to Quantum Physics in laymen’s terms see:
‘A World with a View’ by Ross Rhodes ‘A Cybernetic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics’ by Ross Rhodes
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