The Language Tyranny

The ruling language and vocabulary – are very dominant, so much so, that everyone must watch his language as well as the language of others, and if it is not in the exact line of what is expected, the person might simply be attacked.
For example, we know very well how a person with terminal illness – should talk and express how he meets his illness. For example, he must be positive, not to complain, and even show an unbeatable spirit towards his illness.
Or sex. People should not express complains about their sex life, and sex in general, it either is very satisfying (this is the general conception) or the person gets a treatment from a professional.
Or women lib. It is unacceptable to talk about women as victims, weak, gentle, supporting etc.
She should be addressed as capable, equal to man, and strong.
Or talking about kids and the experience of giving birth – it must be expressed that kids and family life is the most sacred aspect of one life, and the more successful he is – the more he must praise having children. No one should express openly any sort of resentment towards his kids.

Or if a grandparent is saying that he does not like to meet and play with his grandchildren – it would be mostly unacceptable).

Or the way we talk about psychologists and psychiatrists, we should never doubt the importance, vitality and effectiveness of their work, generally we should trust them.

Or the way we talk about fat or restarted people. Today we preach: “you are the best in exactly the way you are”.
Or the gays, today no one can speak against them in any way, and those who dare will be scolded by the listeners.

We are not free to think and express ideas which are not in the heart of the consensus.
Our language is strictly monitored by everyone.
So, no one speaks his mind, but obey to the general accepted norm of speech.
This makes our conversation to be very flat, one dimensional, and very phony, non-authentic and alienated and divorced from our true personal view and experience of life and the world.
This is what is so lacking in the most conventional format of the television; everyone there talks like everyone else, and no one like himself.
This censorship on our language is by no means fixed and permanent, it is subject to constant changes, and our ears learned which direction the wind is blowing now. About 10 years ago woman were hiding the sexual attacks upon them today in the ‘me too’ age the way we talk about sexual harassment – have changed dramatically.
And then when a regular average person is asked to describe what he feels or thinks – he has no words, for all the words has gone to portray the acceptable language norm. So, when he begins to talk he immediately switches to the collective language, even without noticing that he is doing this switch.

And again: everyone talks like everyone else, and no one talks like himself.


Here a good and funny illustration to the tyranny of language, this time, not by saying something not correct, but by not saying what is accepted by all: “thank you”:




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