The Hard Blow of the Antithesis

Etymology: Antithesis is from the Greek, “opposition”.

The antithesis comes always as/in an explosion.
The thesis struggling slowly, step by step, going against the pull of the plant earth, and also the temptation from the sides to let go and get dispersed freely – in increasing now.
And everything which objects to this strengthening of the thesis – (which is the antithesis) gathers around, intensifying. Waiting for the smallest crack, of weakness, or self-doubt (or disagreement in a relationship) – and all hell breaks loose:
And then there is a danger that all the thesis would fall apart and would disintegrate completely.
And the test for the holder of the thesis is exactly that; would he, can he (as much as possible), be neutral and wistful about the attack itself, and cling with all his might to the essence of the thesis – until the explosion will cease. To save from what remains, the core, and with it to build the thesis again, as though the antithesis did not happen.
And to clear: no achievements, no harmony, no relationship – means no antithesis. The greater is the achievement, the greater would be the antithesis.
The antithesis does not happen if and when the thesis is wrong, on the contrary; it explodes only when there is a great advancement, (by deviation from a lower state of things – to a better and higher state of affairs).
Exceptional progressions calls for exceptional antitheses.
So, the paradox is that misfortune tends to happen exactly when succeeding to achieve a certain high point. And so the antithesis is in fact a confirmation for advancement which was being done.
Living with the antithesis; one should always be ready, prepared for the arriving of the antithesis. For that to be one must practice what could be called: mental projection, or doing an ‘architect’, which means imagining the next antithesis, not emotionally but mentally, consciously. The more such practices will be done – the more it will create an immune system that will meet the antithesis with ‘itself’ (like on antibiotics) and thus its effect will eliminate the shock to the unprepared system.
This stage of meeting the antithesis with being prepared, is called: synthesis.
so, on the whole it is like that:

  • Thesis – a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved
  • Antithesis – the negation or contradiction of the thesis
  • Synthesis – the resolution of the conflict between thesis and antithesis
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