The Difference Between the Thinking System and the Consciousness System

The thinking system  is associative, dominant, dispersed, mechanical, and wondering between casual and accidental – staff. And is operating on the same horizontal level.
The consciousness system is creative, flowing, inspirational, carrying intelligence, coming from a higher level – and thus it is operating on a vertical plan.

The thinking system is all the time on the background, (pumping itself), whereas the consciousness system is happening upon us, only from time to time, as magic, a blessing.

The consciousness system is keeping the thinking system – fresh, agile, in full function and healthy. The influence of the thinking system upon the consciousness system is in laying a fit foundation and source. (After all, the thinking system for the consciousness system is like the brain to mind, or the body for the soul, or the sentences in a book for the inspiration and creativity of the author).

And the bottom line is that the only agent that can bring order and peace to the thinking system – is the consiousness system.

(Mending and fixing the thinking system will not bring about consciousness development, but developed consciousness can mend and fix the thinking system).

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