The Big Cosmic Essay

Human society comes to feel the void that exists in between the individual and the cosmos. Human consciousness was supposed to mediate the higher and the lower Universe. Human species was exported from a higher place in order to populate a low shock point in the cosmic octave. In order for them to create consciousness and consciousness was supposed to mediate the higher and lower stages of creation.

In the absence of human consciousness the creation stops and doesn’t reach planet earth and then the human species created an alternative mediator. And the exchange medium is human society; its laws, rules and regulations.
This mediator is closing the human race and the planet in an endless loop.

The shock point that the human consciousness was supposed to create is parallel in the human body to the sexual organs, if there is no consciousness mediating sexuality and creating, then the lower part is disconnected from the higher part. And it exists in its own loop.

G: What I am saying here is that actually the human body is like the rays of creation, and the planet and the moon are like the sexual organs.
Now if you have got the diagram, the second is the planet, which is like the sexual organs, which is in a loop of itself. Look at the model 1.

Because there is no consciousness in between the human, the planet and the sun, the planet and the moon are disconnected from creation. And they are living in a loop of themselves.

And that is what happening to the planet, to the moon, they disconnected themselves from higher creation and live their own loop.

Planet earth is located in the parallel position like sexual organs in the human, indeed the planet is totally sexual, her function is totally sexual, breading and renewal, merging masculine and female poles, constantly producing of life.
But this sexuality is not fertilizing the universe; it is feeding its own loop.

G: What am I saying is that the planet Earth is actually where are the sexual organs in the human body. Where the creation is the two sexual poles that create live here and actually bring life into the universe – it is a life force –

The challenge of creation is to reach from the absolute all the way to the end of creation. It needs to go through two shocks; the first shock is the willpower of God and the second one is not up to him anymore.
But depends on his ambassadors that he exiled from the higher level to the gap between the fifth (Sun) and the sixth (planet) of creation.
But men failed and is not producing consciousness.

G: Look at model 1: So the Absolute is God, that created the Universe, and the end of the Universe is the Moon. Now why is it a challenge?
Absolute is God, and he is like a businessman, he created stage two, stage three, stage four… The force of God actually travels away from him until it reaches the end, which is the moon. Now, what is actually the analogy of the Moon?
Let’s say I am a business man, all right?
So I create something, some startups of computers, so after I do something I send it to the laboratory, this is the second stage, in the laboratory they work on it and they actually bring it to the designers and the factory, that is the next stage… now what is the last stage of my production?
The costumer!
Now the costumer should return to me my profit, and the moon is the costumer. But as it happens God doesn’t get his profit back . He produces and produces without anything coming back. It is stuck. The costumers get a lot of startups but they don’t pay.
Is it clear what I am saying?
R: so the moon is completely cold? He doesn’t give anything to God yet?
G: The moon is the reflector. When you play squash, then you hit the ball, than the ball hits the wall and comes back to the person. So the Moon is like this wall. It is totally solid and it is so solid that it preserves nothing for itself.
So it should return everything back.
But it doesn’t stop with the Moon, it stops with the Planet! There is two points which I should make clear: the force of God reaches the Planet and the Moon only in its lower level. Just enough that there would be live here in the materialistic aspect, but the higher levels of creation do not arrive here. Because it needs the human consciousness. Human consciousness is what mediates higher creation and lower creation. From creation down and from down creation up.
M: Does it meet the sexuality part?
G: It reaches the sexuality part, and it reaches the feet as well!
It reaches all the way, but only the lower levels of the energy of creation. The higher levels need a transformator. So the transformator actually takes the energy and it allows it to go another way to go on.
And the human consciousness is a transformator. It actually allows it to go down and to go from down up. And down up is not to the Moon, it goes up to the Sun.

But human being failed and it doesn’t produce consciousness, so higher creation can’t reach here. And it can’t recreate and grow, because the sexuality works within itself, inside itself, disconnected from creation.
Therefore human beings are trapped totally in the sexual zone. Without the possibility of channeling the sexuality back through there consciousness to where it should be channeled: Up wards.
And they are stuck with it.

In order to avoid a Big Bang of sexual energy, human society was established. Mainly to keep the sexual energy away and to make sure it doesn’t turn everything into chaos. And we live here with a huge tremendous battery of sexual energy. Once in a while it evokes wars, or it has been channeled into crazy art creations, revolutions, etc.
Mostly it is held by a very loose social structure. Most sexuality is located within women. And that is why women are being controlled in such a tight way by a masculine regime.

Social order mostly comes in order to govern sexuality. Men use only a small part of the female sexuality for sex. The rest is being used for power struggle and territorial overtaking, for the women there is hardly is any sexuality left, and that is why they try to consult themselves through romantic fantasies and romances. But originally, women are mainly sexual.

Sexuality without consciousness is an atomic force, which explodes to all directions. Consciousness was supposed to be together with the sexual energy to create an impressive return upwards. But human species stopped producing consciousness and it is stuck with a tremendous amount of sexual energy. This is the reason why everything here is growing and dying in an endless loop and purpose; to produce itself and to continue to produce itself, but there is no development. There is no next stage because it can only come through consciousness, and it does not exist.

The female sexuality is the lower aspect of the female soul as much as the male intellect is the lower aspect of the male consciousness. Women were supposed to provide a soul that will calm, restrain and soften the sharp linear intellect and ego of men. Without that consciousness will not grow. Just as without consciousness restraining sexuality, the soul will be tight in the sea of the sexual suppression.

Indeed men were to suppose to provide consciousness that will balance the female sexuality, but instead they fell into a sexual trap. And men doesn’t feel comfortable in the land of sexuality, he is in a foreign kingdom. And that is why he is acting as a conqueror. He is taking advantage of the female kingdom of sexuality to satisfy his own egoistic needs. These are mostly dominant, belligerent needs and less sexual. The man is easily satisfied sexually and he needs a lot of satisfaction. Not because of his overproduction of sexuality, but because of his big ego. Women are not easily satisfied sexually, they need a long stimulation because the climax will be enormous, but men want their own sex and they want it fast. And the women remain most of the cases unsatisfied. Unless they have a sexual structure that is more masculine than feminine.

Everything here is trapped in a loop, which recycles itself again and again. Cohelet (Ecclesiastes): ‘That which hath been is that which shall be, and that which has been done; is that which shall be done; and there is nothing new under the Sun’... But that wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen. This recycling is a catastrophe, it is jammed record. What  was happening 5.000 years ago, is exactly what is happening today; the same number of murders, the same numbers of revolutionary creations, the same number of clerks… Everything changes on the outside, it appears more sophisticated shape. And that it what deludes us and gives us the feeling of progress.

The only breakthrough is the possibility to produce consciousness. That is the gateway through which you can escape the loop, expand it and create contact with the universe from which we were once separated.

The production of consciousness is a true process of creating metamorphic material, a human material that went through a metamorphosis. It became a different material, a cosmic material. The material went through an alchemic process, through which cosmic energy can arrive here and human and sexual energy can flow upwards.
It is a rare high quality material that only human beings that were able to connect the soul and the consciousness can produce.

The disconnection between planet earth and the universe has been going on for too long. Every once and a while superior spirits are born, with a potential to create consciousness. Most of them don’t make it, and if they do, they can’t pass it on. They can’t infect other human being with the virus of consciousness production. It is always stopped and returned back to the loop. People that made it and got to the state of the production of consciousness stepped out of the human loop. And they are not living a life of the … they are not part of the closed circle of life,  in … levels of the octava. They are no longer in a circle, they are in a spiral, but without a direction and a way, because the next stage is not known. The circle is safe, you always come back to the point that you know, but once you step out of the circle, you are facing the unknown. And you need an observer and intelligence to chose the right path to go on, you need to become friends with the unknown. And than you have jumped … the regular loop language, and you cant  ,,,, the loop has a difficulty with the one that stepped out of it.

Because they have something that is not fear, it is not identical, it is different and un.. they are not behaving like the circling men, they are not behaving according the script. Human being that manage to create consciousness are moving from the known to the unknown. The are beginning to … outside of .. (labourse, ) outside of the comfort of human society and they come into t…

The consciousness starts to work as an antenna that absorbs huge energy only starts to arrive electricity. That makes you stones. So there is on one hand the loss of security that is a byproduct of the human tribe – a majority of hypnotized herd that is walking in circles until the end of time.  and on the other  their life starts to be electrified by the cosmic energy and between those two they will feel great loneliness, because there soul is in desperate need of humanity of the friendship of the others, of consolation, friendship and warmth.

The warmth in humanity will threaten until that ppoint
They were the illusion of was and
Force and united
It wasn’t an intimate warmth, it was a social warmth.
Because the gathering that comes as an escape from the burden of the loneliness, that was better than nothing. And now they met an intimate warmth, a true dialogue, because of the gap between the cosmic energy and the … from the social cicrvle the soul will freez to death. The consciousness will be happy but the soul wil freeze. And that why every one … start to produce consciousness have to  and give a warm hug to his friends on the way and to create all the humanity – all the softness and warmth – even when in the beginninging it is a simulation of warmth, a real thing will happen

It was hiding out of the coming herd.

For everything to step away from the social herd …………. Intimate in … humain and empathic to the people that walk with you. Because up there you will not be able to survive.

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