The Two Fears


There are 2 main fears, fear of rejection and fear of abandonment, and they usually go together. Only very special people have them, this is the shadow side of their essence side of: being highly creative, or highly sensitive, highly spiritual (ying qualities, manily). And when one of those fears is being actualized and comes true – all their life gets shattered to pieces.

The more they build on a certain person, the more central he becomes in their life – the greater would be their fear of rejection and abandonment by him or her.

Fear of rejection is the little fear, when it will actualize it will still be a serious injury, but not as serious as the injury of abandonment, this is a terminal injury. A little death.

 But only if you are prone to it, have fear that it would happen, otherwise it is not dangerous. We prepare the ground for the rejection (injury) or abandonment (little death), without constant cultivation of this two fears, their damage would not be devastating.

And not only that, but the fear attracts to itself what you are afraid might happen, it is a matter of frequency, if you transmit a frequency of fear from abandonment – then abandonment will be attracted to you, likes attracts likes. (There is a phenomenonone called: the tunining fork phenomenone, it is used in music, if two forks like instruments are tuned on the same frequency and put in different rooms, and then when one is hit , it rings, and then the other fork would ring as well).

Is it possible to live without this two? Not if you are special, no more than you can be without a shadow. The only way (if you are special) is to know it, accept it and even embrace it (because of its twin, essence, sister), and this acceptance will act as vaccination against the next rejection or abandonment (and in this, the acceptence will overcome the attracttion of the frequencies), whereas, the denial of this fears, leaves an open space for the entrance of actualization of this 2 great fears.

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