On Switching of Polarities Between Men and Women

We know that there are problems between men and women. We know that most of the dissatisfaction and the activity about it comes from the female side, for example, women’s liberation movement, the Me-too movement, Zero tolerance for violence against women, and women occupying higher and higher executive positions. It seems that change is on the way and is bearing fruits already.  But most of those changes are done in a masculine way…

But, those apparent changes are on the surface only. For when a certain reality is not actualized for real – it is being hidden into areas where it could not be identified clearly and exactly, for example in a mixed company of men and women talking – on the surface everyone is given free permission to talk and indeed it seems that a free conversation is taking place but nothing is further away from truth. When a woman expresses an opinion or a view –then it will get a much less serious response to it by the next speaker if he is a man- just because a woman was the one who expressed this view before him. Another example is space: when a man is expressing or describing something – he will get much more space for it than if a woman is the one describing the very same things. Usually, in a mixed conversation women will speak less, and not only that, men will allow themselves to cut a woman in the middle of her sentence which he will be careful not to do to a man. All this is apparently unnoticed and not being related to.

Women are so used to it, they hardly feel it (and if they do they try not to admit it).

We are not short of advice, women are flooded by it all over. But the war and the humiliation is taking place in the hidden dimensions, where the more it is in the subtext and nonverbal communication – the more effective it is.

The murders, the violence, and the rapes are only the tip of the iceberg. Most damage is done under the iceberg (remember the Titanic?)

If there was one thing men would never give up, it is power and control, and they will always direct their dominance towards creatures they conceive as weaker than them.

So, within the existing order between men and women – no change is possible, because it is only possible in the tenth above the water, and this is nothing. The challenge is in the nine- tenths below the water.

So what is the way? What is suggested here is quite radical: a revolution in the proportion of power in the relationship; a switching over, a reversal, a complete exchange of the poles of both of the two genders; whatever position of power the men took it must reverse and rest with women. Now, I am not referring to the revolution of black to white, meaning that men have had 100% of control and now women have 100 % of control. I am talking about a change of proportions, meaning: if from 100% of power men have two-thirds and women have got left one- third, it should change into two- thirds of power to women and one-third to men. In another world, most of the ills of this world are because dominant-aggressive men are controlling, paternal governing. And our life would be charmed if we switched to maternal governing. Not from total masculine control to total feminine control, just a one-third shift of power from the masculine pole to the feminine one. That’s all… (So, two- thirds of power would be with women and one third with men).

So, neither the improvement of female conditions, nor restrictions on aggressive and abusive men will change anything in the humiliated state of women. Only a reversal of polarities between men and women: the positive pole (men) will decrease to one- third of influence and power, and the negative pole of women will get increased to two- thirds of influence and power, only that will make a real difference: a real pole reversal.

Of course, when and if this shift of the one- third of power was done, and women held  two- thirds of power – they would use it in a completely different way than how men did. Men mostly misused it for having an advantage and a higher status over other human beings. But if women had the two- thirds of power, they would not use it to overcome another human being. The maternal control is graceful, full of humanity, considering, and is inclusive together with those they are in charge of.

A comment: This is in the context of the relations between men and women. The reversal between the masculine and feminine poles should also be done in one’s kingdom as a part of the process of inner development.

As a matter of geological record, the Earth’s magnetic field has undergone numerous reversals of polarity. We can see this in the magnetic patterns found in volcanic rocks, especially those recovered from the ocean floors. In the last 10 million years, there have been, on average, 4 or 5 reversals per million years.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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