A Dialogue On Soul Presence

The following dialogue between Gabriel Raam and a student took place on 9.9.2008:
S: There is something in my state right now that I experience as a soul presence. And I know it, because when I hear something brutal or when I see aggression, I feel it moving inside me. It is shivering.
Gabriel: Yes, it is like that, you are right.
S: Is there something like soul awareness?
G: I have an answer to that, but what do you qualify by soul awareness? Who is aware of whom?
S: I would be aware of the soul, but I wonder if the soul also has awareness of itself.
G: I think the soul has got awareness of us and of what is happening. I don’t think that we have got awareness of the soul.
S: Oh, and even you don’t have awareness of your soul?
G: I think it is not possible to be aware of the soul. The soul is outside the field of our awareness. She resonates, and we can resonate with her. We can feel her presence. The soul mostly communicates by feeling, very very fine and high feeling. You see, awareness is the language of the consciousness, feelings and sensations is the language of the soul. Those are two different languages.
S: Is awareness of the soul lying outside of our field of perception?
G: Awareness of the soul is not in our perception, but we are within the field of perception of our soul. We are not aware of what the soul is aware of.
S: This is a very new concept and I feel how my brain is folding itself around it.
G: When there is rudeness or ugliness or aggression, the soul feels it. The soul needs to be aware in order not to be injured. The soul is living all the time in great fear. And whenever she feels a threat, she shrinks and runs inside to hide, before the terror manages to reach and injure her. Nothing is more painful and more horrible to her than being injured.
S: What is happening when the soul is injured?
G: The soul contracts and can’t go out. The soul basically has got the wish to integrate in our kingdom and to be spacious and to be in communication. She loves to communicate and she hates loneliness. But she is very very gentle and very very fine. She is a very high princess that is forced to live in the dungeon of the lower aspect of the human kingdom, which is the base of the spine.
So she wants 2 things: to expand and to go up. She wants to expand in order to feel herself, she can’t feel herself when she is contracted. And she wants to go up, because she wants to unite with the masculine aspect, which is the consciousness (in the head). And these are her two wishes.
S: These are the wishes of the soul and also a very fine description. And is the soul, when these two wishes get fulfilled, something like your female friend?
G: She is not a friend, she is the inner me. She is the feminine aspect of me, she is a guest  and at the same time she is the inner/higher part of me.
S: So she comes from the lower spot and she is your higher part.
G:  Well, she comes from the lowest spot, yes. The lower spot it is not her home, this is her prison. She gets prisoned by dominance, when it is directed towards her.
So she becomes imprisoned when she is forced to do two things: going down and contracting. And (likewise) she can have two freedoms: going up and expanding. So she loves to be in contact, either up or out.
S: Is that a contact through words? Or through body language for instance?
G: Well no, actually it is through essences. Essence is a concentrated inner being of something and it is beyond words and it is beyond body language. It is energy. She communicates through energy. But because words and body language can carry energy in them – she responds to both of them.
S: So it is a non-verbal communication of essences that she responds to.
G: That is right.
S: And that is something you can feel, for instance if other people have a soul presence and you can feel that in their energy?
G: Well, that very much depends. Actually, if a person has got a soul presence – no one feels it, because no one is at the level of the soul. And in order to feel the soul of another human being, you need to be connected to your own soul.
And the soul presence is female, by orientation.
Women represent the soul as much as men represent consciousness.
And the state of the soul is the state of women; both are suppressed. Women are being manipulated, but the soul can’t be manipulated. She will not allow it.
The soul could be a train station, a hotel, an entry port – for Godly influences. Now the consciousness cannot house or give place to Godly influence, but it could reach Godly influence. Consciousness is the hunter for Godly influence. The soul is the house that gives it a place to be.
What is your feedback? How does it reach you? How do you respond to it?
S: I feel the spacious aspect of it. I feel that it is a very unknown terrain, every word that you say is new, so when I listen to it again I will hear a lot more. Another part of it is, it is not really part of the consciousness studies, because it comes through another medium, it comes energy wise. So it is more a state of being  and something to work for to keep the soul presence once it is there and in the same time to make sure it is protected.
G: Yes, that is very important, and I say it again: there are three things that the soul wants:
1.to expand
2. to go up,
3. to communicate with other souls.
So this are the three things the soul wants. In the normal state of the soul, unfortunately, she doesn’t do any of those three, she is in a terrible situation. Most of the time, She is in pain and in prison and in isolation. People live their whole life without being in contact with their soul, not even once, except for when they are children.
S: Yes and it is funny, because then they are still in the stage of being non verbal, like the soul. And then they are not yet conditioned by society.
G: When your soul meets your consciousness, they are in communion and they are actually giving birth to the new you. And each time the soul and the consciousness meet, another part of you is being born.
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