Why is it that most, if not all, big religions are so against sex?
Well, it is a free entity, it doesn’t know any barriers or boundaries, (in its pure core form – boundaries make her even more daring).
Sex knows no limit and no sacred cows.
Now there is a great difference between the total annihilation of sex (like it is in big establishments and in the big religions), and between letting it be completely free.

The two options are (letting it free and restricting it) are faulty, for if it gets completely destroyed by the religious and the establishment regimes, then our vitality and the celebration of life would be damaged considerably, we  becomes a dried flower, no juice.
But if from the other hand, it has full freedom and becomes to be with no limits – it can destroy (by heating up) our finer and delicate apparatuses.
The full freedom is positive. Its opposition; the (complete oppression of sex), is negative.
And what is left, (after this two extremes are not good for us), is the middle way: live and let live. Freedom within inspection and monitoring (the best monitoring and inspection is to communicate authentically), this is the neutral way and the right way to be with sex.
Not freedom despite boundaries or not freedom against boundaries, but freedom within boundaries. 

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