The Secret Agent and the Embassador (Part 2)

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For the secret agent there is a loyalty; an oath that he gave to the ambassador of a kingdom that he does not know, for which he is full of longing  at all times. He only knows the ambassador of that Kingdom, he always knew about his existence, they met a few years ago, and since then they are in constant communication. Through the ambassador he got to know about the kingdom from which he came and of which he does not know. 

A bond of comradeship, deep and mysterious is weaved between him and the ambassador. Wherever he will be he a messenger of the ambassador, a second degree messenger; messenger of the messenger. With the understanding that the ambassador reawakened in him he observes human beings, he is decoding and learning, understands and holds it in trust for the ambassador, to whom he obeys with cleavage and love. 

But not always he is out there; cleaving for the mission, executing it – most of the time he is alone, inside, trying to look for the ambassador, looking at home, in the office, sends emails, longing for the moment they will meet. 

In the meanwhile, he seats at home, waiting for him. 

Sometimes, in the middle of conversation with the ambassador he needs to go and then he is turned to pieces inside. He tries to be at the same time, out and with him, but it is difficult for him in this noise to hear the ambassador and sometimes the noises on the line disturbed him from hearing, until the line is disconnected.

And sometimes the disconnection persists on and on and the ambassador is absent, his operator is missing, and he needs to operate from the memory of the last meeting’s warmth. Time lingers and there is no ambassador. He is there, he is here, he is inside, – but the connection lines are bad, or God forbid – are disconnected, and this is worse than death for the agent. 

But with it, he continues with the mission, in or out, but always continues looking, for a sign of communication, from the ambassador. 

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