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Saying- 4

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By Gabriel Raam. *To be homeless is a state of mind; to be in exile, in an intermediate state, to be lonely. The longing for home is unending; for emotional home, spiritual home, a home to return to when it … Continue reading →Posted in Sayings | Leave a comment | Edit

sayings – 3

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If you through Pearls to swins, the swins would not get less swines, but the pearls, oh, the pearls, are getting less pearls… *** The power of the bad to do badly, is greater than the power of good to … Continue reading →Posted in SayingsUncategorized | Leave a comment | Edit

saying – 2 (plus saying -1).

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No consciousness can fly any higher without elevating the ‘heavy’ lower self (ego), and this is done by minimizing the distance between the ‘ceilings’ (high consciousness) and the floor (the lower self). But If the distance will be too big, … Continue reading →Posted in SayingsUncategorized | Leave a comment | Edit

Private: sayings – 1.

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I love people who are different/special. Who are not like everyone else, I don’t like those who are all the same (‘little boxes’) so average, so forecastable, and so flat.Whereas the different/special people usually has got some spark in them, … Continue reading →


(Sayings and short essays) Number 5:

The best investment in one’s life is in questions.

And not because it will bring you many answers/fishes, but rather by having a fishing rod.


*Life is passing by, what we have experienced is lost in the depth of the ocean of time, it is erased as though it never happened.
We cannot take it with us.
But there is one thing which can stay with us, forever, and it is the knowing or understanding, that we managed to extract out of a particular experience.
If we did, then we are rich beyond measure, and our treasurer is called: wisdom. 



If we have an equal number of good things and bad things happening to us, we would be more effected by the bad then by the good.
For example, if our partner is complimenting us and at another time is insulting us – we would be more hurt by the insult then be pleased by the compliment.
For the power the bad to do bad, is greater than the power of the good to do good. 


One of the best thing about dogs is that they could be trained almost to do anything.

We human are the same, just instead of training us to be superhuman – we are getting conditioned to act like the majority who shares the lowest common denominator.




Most people enjoy, and are satisfied, with their life. It is a fact.

Therefore the challenge for those who are not satisfied from the existing order – is to stick closer to their original, challenging, minority view, despite the average majority, who are content with their “little boxes” life.


*The patient/ying warrior*.
It is dangerous to attack before time. For until the opponent is convinced that he is wining, he is in full alert.
The mature and developed warrior has patience, therefore he awaits until the threshold of cautiousness in the opponent is lowered, and then, just a moment before the confrontation is decided, he attacks fully without warning.
The opponent who is surprised and unprepared, gets defeated at once, almost without a battle.


*The decline of the spirit 

What makes the academic and semi-academic writings and talk – so dry, empty, lifeless and boring? (Mainly in the humanistic studies, and mostly in philosophy).
(“What do you read my lord?” “Words, words, words.”
Polonius to Hamlet, and Hamlet’s answer, Act 2 scene 20).

– It is its lack of main axis, living core and essence, its lack of a message.
(Which are symptom for the decline of the spirit)
it should have got into the curious minds of the readers and listeners, (In its original state) as water into a thirsty ground…


The real creative artist or thinker – must live either in poverty, or in broken marriage, or other personal difficulty, life full of crisis, one way or the other.

Why is that, that it cannot be that the life difficulties is what brought his creative abilities? This is not serious, problems never cause creativity. But creative and unique people suffer, why?


Why is it that most, if not all, big religions are so against sex?
Well, it is a free entity, it doesn’t know any barriers or boundaries, (in its pure core form – boundaries make her even more daring).
Sex knows no limit and no sacred cows.
Now there is a great difference between the total annihilation of sex (like it is in big establishments and in the big religions), and between letting it be completely free.

The two options are (letting it free and restricting it) are faulty, for if it gets completely destroyed by the religious and the establishment regimes, then our vitality and the celebration of life would be damaged considerably, we  becomes a dried flower, no juice.
But if from the other hand, it has full freedom and becomes to be with no limits – it can destroy (by heating up) our finer and delicate apparatuses.
The full freedom is positive. Its opposition; the (complete oppression of sex), is negative.
And what is left, (after this two extremes are not good for us), is the middle way: live and let live. Freedom within inspection and monitoring (the best monitoring and inspection is to communicate authentically), this is the neutral way and the right way to be with sex.
Not freedom despite boundaries or not freedom against boundaries, but freedom within boundaries. 


The higher or unique a person is –  the greater are his fears, anxieties and over- protectiveness – for he gas got so much to lose. 


A human is a puppet, he cannot move himself, and he needs an external power for that. For if not for external powers – he is motionless, static, stuck. Now, there are two forces that can move him, the first come from below, the force of survival and physicality from Mother Nature (all creatures are powered and energized by it). The other force comes from above, the forces of creation and higher levels energies.

The primitive forces of life are what we are born with, a force that get diminished between 30-40 years of age. As it is being used – it gets lesser and lesser. In this sense it is like being connect to a battery (with a limited life-span).

The higher forces last a full life time, and do not get diminished, it is like being connected to an electrical current.

The higher forces are not there just by existence, they have to be connected to – during life, with much inner work (quiet rare).

In the inborne force it is like a hand shoved into the puppet and moving it from below, and it has a limited span of movement.. With the higher forces the puppet is tied to strings, and they move her, in a very flexible and varied movements.

The puppet on a string, a marionette is no longer subject to the gravitational pull of the earth, it is relatively agile, flying freely in the open air.

So the human should make a transition, from being moved from below to being moved from above: a marionette.


The greater is a person and his caliber, the greater is a work of art, in idea, a vision, – the further you need to move away from them (either in time or space) in order to notice, observe and appreciate their magnitude. Here, distance is the only rout to be able to value it for what it is.
But with small ideas, average persons and not such Great
works -you need to get closer in order to notice their true size.


          *A mystery:  There is no love at first sight. We confuse it with attraction at first sight.

As love being deeper it needs a process in order to be. Even if it is a process of two days.

Attractions happens at once and immediately, or not at all.

Attraction always precedes love, conditions love.

Love is not free or easier because of attraction, the opposite is true; attraction only make it complicated…


We should always be in love and loved. We are made this way. Without it, the pain is unbearable. Life is unbearable. It is not the top to aspire for, it is the base upon which to have a life.


Success is a false prophets.


The problem with any common denominator, is, of necessity, that always it is the lowest common denominator.


Everything we meet is so full of meaning, but its meaning falls outside our narrow and limited field of attention and consciousness. 


There are people that succeeded to connect to here and now (reality), and there are those who succeed to connect to the beyond (higher universe). But the real challenge is to hold both spheres at the very same time. To be able to stand the stretch without being torn apart.
Heaven and earth meeting in the human, this is what we are here for; the mating dimension for two universes. 


The first lesson on your way to wake up to reality is to take what you think about life and turn it upside down, if this is not happening – you are not on your way to wake up to reality.


The determining factor of how much we would know, and are aware of, of something in us – is our estimate of how much emotional pain it might cause.
The more is the pain (we estimate) – the less we would know of it.


The more a culture, a nation, a group, a couple relationship – are removed from truth, the more the truth would migrate from formal language to live in informal language; from the things being said into how they are said and then mainly into what is not being said. 

There is no book more current this Corona days then “The Plague” by Abler Camus. It is a deep Existential, courageous allegorical work -about the greatest plague of them all.


There is no problem in working in a system or establishment, or even serving it, as long as we are not allowing ourselves to be swallowed by it. 


Without having awareness and compassion for another’s suffering – the world should come to a standstill. 


If you want to deeply understand something you have simply to turn your present understanding upside down.
This is how truth stands in relation to how we understand it.


All arguments, whether personal or political, academic or intellectual – are emotionally based, were they not so, all arguments would be solved immediately.


A wise man knows not to accept a solutions to an enigma that is too available, a solution which is offering itself too easily – and this is so because it exists already within the narrow field of what he knows already.  But instead he has the ability to wait for the only fit solution, which always exists outside the known, outside what is approachable, outside that which is taken for granted.


Are real great men humble? If they are great they know that no man can be great, he can only be attached to the edge of greatness. 


If you are a rebel, don’t be possessed or a victim of it.

If you are a rebel, you are just able to view everything without being socially conformed & brainwashed.


Consciousness development is like trying to go up an iron rod (when the lower end is stuck in the ground) – it easier to slide down the rod, rather than to climb it up.


Are you strong enough to be weak?


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