Questions We Never Ask

We never ask someone close: what is alive in you now? Who are you? What is your life all about? What is your personal goal in life? I s there a direction in your life, and where is it leading to? How is your life so far? How satisfied or disappointed you are from your life? What are you hoping for? What is young and fresh in you and what is rigid and stiff? How far away (if at all) you are from how you want your life to be? What is still hidden in you and did not come out yet? What are you proud of in your life? What is the mark you give to yourself (out of 10) for being authentic? How much would you give yourself for self-respect (out of 10). What do you really want from your life?

We don’t ask. How would our life and our communication be if we do ask this questions? And the most important question: why don’t we ask, at least some of this questions?

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