How to Get the Power from the Bad? Fragments

In our life, there are bad things that happen to us, like illness, broken heart, disappointment, failure, loss, etc, and there are good things: winning, achieving, moving on, getting recognition, and so on.

It will be a one-dimensional view to see the bad as bad and the good as good. In fact, what we consider as bad has got a lot of potential for us, if we do not run away from it.

  • There is more power in the bad then in the good. This is the deeper view.
  • The energy of the good is more gentle and soft. The energy of bad things that happen to us, is more explosive, more penetrating, more thoughtful and powerful.
  • If a person only seeks good things to happen to him and he runs away from bad things – he will grow weaker.
  • In order to grow stronger, one must “steal” the power from bad happenings.
  • In bad happenings, there are demons with a lot of power, we must have that power.

Good and special people get ill more often then non special individuals, if they do not inoculate themselves with some of the bad.

  • The Dutch artist Van Gogh struggled with his very powerful demons, and when he won – he created the most amazing paintings, when he lost, he got mad – and how do we know that his demons were powerful? By the genius of his paintings.
  • We can not avoid catastrophes and crisis, but we can use their power for damage, to make us stronger. Like using the power of the stream of water to create electricity.
  • We can not avoid finding ourselves in terrible situations, but we can at least get something out of it.
  • Good experiences: please us, bad experiences may give us knowing and the power to do.
  • Good people are weak, bad people are powerful.
  • The way for the good people to get stronger, is to swim against the stream of unfortunate happenings.
  • The more difficult an experience is, the greater is the power in it!
  • Power is locked in the negative experience, one should transform it into the positive experience.

Devil’s Dance. Measure balances, allow the bad aspect, say yes – but when it becomes to big, say “no, go to hell”. And then all its power goes to you. This is the devil’s dance.

Relevant Reading: 1.T.A.Z – The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Hakim Bey, 1991

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