Photoanalysis – Understanding Body Language of People in Photographs

Photoanalysis: Body Language in Photography.

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Body Language Interpration, of people in photographs, and paintings; (Photoanalysis).

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Photoanalysis of: Albert Camus and Michel Gallimard.

A body language understanding of people in photographs. Camus head: A mischievous look on Camus face, in fact it is multi-expression, all his face is taking place in the act of the smile (especially the lovely dimples), when he is … Continue reading →Posted in communicationPhotoanalysisPsychology | Leave a comment | Edit

Bodylanguage of two separate photographs of: jean Paul Sartre and albert Camus.

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A Photoanalysis. Photographer- unknown This two were friends that had later on some great differences, were the greatest existential philosophers after World War 2. Besides their philosophy (which was quieted similar) what can we learn about their character and how … Continue reading →
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