Photo Analysis of the Taliban Taking Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul, in August 2021

אין תיאור זמין.

A strange picture.

If I have to grade their facial expressions from success and winning, on one hand, to defeat and being somber, on the other, well, it leans towards the other options; they look very serious, not even an expression of fighting, aggression, or revenge. It is inconceivable considering the great achievement they just have reached. If the heading of this photograph was that they were after a funeral – no one would be surprised.

Their eyes have no focus, some are looking down (either being disappointed, exhausted, whatever…), some eyes are just such as directed aimlessly to the distance, all this does not give a feeling of unison, all of their eyes are not being directed towards the same direction, each one is to himself and to his own thoughts, no interconnection between them, which is again strange, considering that only together they were able to do this incredible revolution of the Taliban taking Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Another difference is in their posture; each one stands in a different posture, no similarity there. This lack of similarity is spreading also to objects: one is holding a cellphone (as a camera), another is holding a book (the Koran?) and few are holding weapons, again, each one to himself, this is not an organized regime like in a regular army, but a bunch of individuals, each doing their own thing. 

With it, their distance/proxemics from each other is very close, very near – which shows that they are very much united as a group and feel very close to each other. 

On the whole, what is interesting and strange is the absence of the joy of the terrorists about winning control of the rulership of the country, maybe it is a mix for the price they had to pay for this, but mainly what is landing on them now is the heavy responsibility of leading this country. Be it whatever it may be, it is an unlikely picture of winning revolutionaries. An enigma.

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