Photo Analysis of Four Walking Physicists

Neetima Bagri (@neetmeet34) / Twitter
From left to right, physicists Albert Einstein, Hideki Yukawa, John Wheeler, and Homi Bhabha – in conversation as they walk through Marquand Park in Princeton, N.J, 1954

From the four – three are looking down, while the person on the far right is addressing them, but they don’t relate to him at all and pay no attention to him.

Facial Expression:

The two in the middle are stern-looking, somehow with a serious expression on their faces. (They are the most serious amongst the 4).

The person talking is the only one with a lighted face, and a slight smile, maybe inspired by something, but it did not manage to pass to the rest.

Albert Einstein has kind of an amused facial expression, half a smile, his expression is soft and inward.


Except for the talking man, all of them have their hands dropped down, their hands are not part of their walk, their hands do not move in the air like when someone is marching towards a purpose. This shows that it was an easy, relaxed walk. 


All of them have one foot in the air, and this foot is ahead of the other one, which shows that they are in a dynamic movement forwards.

All of them, except Albert Einstein, whose raised foot is not extended forward and ahead. This might show that he is slower, taking it easy and not putting much effort in the walk. This gives the feeling that he is less into the walk and more within himself.


All of them, except Albert Einstein are dressed formally; full suit and a tie, while Albert Einstein is dressed completely different: Tennis shoes, khaki pants, and a casual sweater; the great difference in his dress shows that he does not give much room to formality (formal dress), and even with such respectable men – he still allows himself to be and dress in a non-obligatory way.

Distances Between Them (Also called: Proxemics):

The distances are medium – not too far from each other, which is quite a friendly distance. Yet it is far enough distance not to create any intimacy between them. 

The Hair:

All of them, except for Albert Einstein have short-cut hair, clinging tightly to their heads, all, except Albert Einstein, whose hair is all over the place, uncombed and free. This is the case in all his photographs and is showing a person, that doesn’t want restriction, and allowing his hair to spread freely to all sides –it might show his free and restricted being.


Albert Einstein is different, in many ways, and it looks as though he is not part of them, but just joined them. 

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