Taking Things Personally -2

Taking things personally, is a central Consciousness Way term and concept. It means that there is a psychological situation in which the person becomes involved entirely with the personal problem. Taking things personally begins when his inner involvement is going and swelling, until he loses the relation of proportionality to the importance of the event itself. And as it swells, so does the person and loses himself in it.

For example: Your good friend claims that you do not consider  his feelings enough. And here, the Taking things personally begins to swell and swell for four days and it overshadows everything else. In this state, the person becomes either divorced from himself or antagonistic towards the person who caused him to take it personally.

In this, a few questions could be asked:

One: “Aren’t there any ‘positive ways of Taking things personally?”

Well, no! There are no  positive ways of Taking things personally. That is because in the correct emotional state, the emotional system is open. An in Taking things personally it becomes closed, so there is no flow.

Two: “What happens to the intellect while Taking things personally’?”  The blow of  Taking things personally goes  from the body up towards the head. And once is in the head, it makes the thinking and consciousness go  flat and weak.

Once  Taking things personally is in the brain,  it goes into an  intellectual loop.

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