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Posted on June 2, 2020 by Gabriel


This website is unique. It is fruit of the mind and creative writings of a radiacl thinker, a consciousness development teacher – Gabriel Raam.

This site is for searchers after truth. Those who ‘heard it all’. This is something different; It is called: “consciousness way” and it is an esoteric school. The thinking here is different, new, original, surprising, and even putting things upside down. In a way it is revolutionary, in that that it dares to investigate everything as for the first time, no preconceptions or conventional thinking, no ‘holly cows’. It is anti-consensus way of thinking, social dogmas are not something to obey to automatically, it is about us, for us, we don’t ought any obligation to any ‘big brother’.

It is aimed at highly sensitive persons, outsiders that the fire for reaching for the level one could be and should be in- is not lost. It is not for those who are loAoking for a dogma, a set of rules, a way to think and be, but rather to encourage thinking for oneself, and never never giving up this unique gift: to think for oneself. And above all: evoke questions that were never asked before, like in the following essay:

The subject in this website -varies, but the point of an approach is a higher state of consciousness.

The philosophy in this site could be called: life philosophy, meaning that the writtings are not intelectual, and they refer to way and level of peoples’s life. directly and personallyץ

Anyone wish to study the subject with Gabriel or Nazim, can write to:

or Nazim Kilic from Hamburg:

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