“Once I Visited a Mad House…”

Once I visited a ‘Madhouse”
Once I visited a ‘Madhouse’ (a mental hospital), the sign says: “mental health center”…
What I expect to see what was missing from normality, “normities”, Noropathy’. . I expected to find, a riot of mind, crazy glint in the eyes.  Released behavior.  Giving no account   The freedom outside the normative mediocrity – not found,  I found people with no light in their eyes who  are trying and will try everything in their power, to act sane, stand in line at the cafeteria in patience, to count tt the change.
You have the option of getting free from norms & chain&  cables. For Indeed you are in the only place in which you are allowed to be without cables. But you are so afraid to go beyond how we should behave.
God Almighty, you are in the one place you can break the chains but you cling to them like drowning men to a lifeboat. So that I so wish to scream: “it’s not lifeboat, you are clinging to, but instead you cling to, cable and chains. Chains that you mistake them to be a lifeboat…

+++ Gabriel, 19.5.15 Friday (two books”
Every man has his folly, but the greatest folly of all … is not to have one.”
Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek 

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