Fragments on Wisdom


  • Wisdom is the ability to see through and beyond what is acceptable and taken for granted.
  • Wisdom is created when consciousness is able to get outside the conventions and stereotypical thinking, and into the open and wild spaces of reality as it is.
  • Wisdom is the ability to reach to the wider picture.
  • Wisdom is also the ability to see and notice what is happening within and below what is trying to hide it.
  • Wisdom is created when the consciousness is able to penetrate through the masks and reach the hidden core.
  • Wisdom debugging what is seen in order to try and find in it what is hidden. What is hidden today, was once seen, it became hidden because of the difficulty of people to cope with its meaning.
  • The wise knows that in order to get to true reality, he should relate to what is being experienced as reality – as a raw material, that could ne refined and from it to produce the true reality.
  • The wise refines and processes what there is and sublimate it to what it was supposed to be.
  • Wisdom is olive oil, smartness is pickled olives, and stupidity is eating them raw, without any processing (being pickled).
  • The wise processes the raw materials of life and produce out of them insight and meaning.
  • The fool takes life as it is, treating the raw material as it is the final product.
  • Life became raw material for the wise, he process what he meets on the external level, in order to produce out of it the inner level.
  • Wisdom is wisdom only when the original meaning got lost for the sake of the etiquette and what is seen on the surface. In the place in which the essence is shining by itself, without a barrier, there is no need for wisdom, it has existence only in the place where the truth is in exile.
  • The wise knows that truth is in danger to be extinct. He is trying to save and preserve what was saved from fire.
  • The wise is a foreign agent in the land of foolishness, he should not be exposed, for the fools don’t know that they are like that. Giving publicity to his mission will expose their nakedness.
  • The wise works secretly, slowly and especially with patience; filtering thousands tones of dirt for one grain of gold.
  • The wise has got open eyes and he understands reality. What makes him wise is that he notices and pay attention to what the majority takes for granted.
  • The wise observes  (reason), the smart is looking (a particular angle), and the fool gazes (stupidity).
  • The wise sees because he observes, the fool does not see because he only looks, and the well-educated understands only what he can check according to the knowledge he has, and knowledge by itself lights only a particular angle (knowledge is always limited, while wisdom is endless).
  • Emmanuel Kant said: “science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life’.
  • The main difference between the wise and the fool is in that that the fool ‘already knows’, and the wise is trying all the time – to know. Socrates said: “I know that I don’t know, but there are those that even that they don’t know”.
  • Wisdom is being created as a result of desperateness and fear.
  • The wise is afraid from what could happen to him from the direction of the unknown, and therefore tries to enlarge the area of the known on the account of what is not known.
  • The fool is carefree, safe in the areas of what he already knows, sure that this is the whole world.
  • The wise is an intelligence unit of the consciousness, being all the time on the border between the known and the unknown, looking for signs in the dark side, in the side which is beyond, in order to translate it to life here and now.
  • Stupidity deals in answers, trying to collect more and more answers (on questions that never popped up).
  • The wise deals in questions, and instead of clocking them with answers, he prefers always to enlarge and deepen the area and the depth of the question itself (is dealing in root canal treatment instead of filling).
  • The wise all the time puts doubt in what is obvious and clear. He knows that an immediate understanding is usually hiding behind itself lack of understanding about deep processes.
  • The fool remains like this out of comfortability and from the fear to cope truth that his psychological system could not digest. The greatest blockage in the face of truth is fantasy life. And we live in fantasy in order to maintain a high self-image that always get inflated as a result of the stories we tell ourselves about us and life.
  • The wise loves truth more than having a good feeling about himself. Who is wise? He is the one that can exult from happiness even when the truth he had discovered is painful.
  • The wise is the one that can pay for wisdom with price of giving up personal comfortability and harmony.
  • Real wisdom always gets stopped at the border point between the truth of oneself and between his inflated emotions.
  • The fool remains in his foolishness because otherwise his self-view would be damaged. Truth will always shrink the boundaries of the self.
  • The wise is a merchant, and truth are jewels. And the payment is by giving up his false emotions. The more he is authentic and the more he is willing to pay – so he would have more truths and so he would become wiser.
  • The wise sees what others don’t see, because he is willing to face harder truths.
  • The spaces of consciousness of the wise were bought by sweat and labor; by drying the emotional swamps. A person that lets his emotions grow wild will never be wise. The greatest enemy of wisdom are emotions without boundaries.
  • Wise is the one that sees, and is willing to see, reality as it is.
  • The wise person is usually more pessimistic that the one who is less wise. But being wise – pessimism is dearer to him more than optimism to the fool.
  • Wise is a person that the naked truth is more pleasant to him than the most flattering fantasies.
  • Wisdom is ‘anti fashion’, it is always classic. For truth never gets old, and its value rises up the more the world is full with invented stories about life and the world.
  • Once, it wasn’t a big thing to be wise, today it is so rare that every little crumb of wisdom shines in a great light. Because today the world is ruled by images instead of essences. The image flatters to what there is, wisdom always lamenting about the core and the essence that got buried under a world oכ
  • Wisdom is bright in a world ruled by images, and it is less bright in a world where essences rules the world.
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