On Walking and Standing- Balance

There are two kinds of feet’s balance: standing balance and walking balance. We don’t fall in both cases, but one balance is higher; for It has a goal and is a dynamic balance, (while the other, the standing – is a static balance); it is the goal which keeps us balanced in movement (when standing and we close our eyes – we lose our balance and fall, what keeps us balanced in standing is seeing around and according to it we balance ourselves, so we need an external object to focus on in order to be balanced). So, if we move forward in our life without having a goal, on which we can fix our mind and intention on – we will fall, we fall inside, losing the energy and motivation that we had when we did have a goal. Also we, mainly walk when we have a goal, to reach to, (we hardly walk idly), and that’s what the feet are for.

Not many people are in movement, most are ‘standing’ in their life (normal, middle class, bourgeois; they are safe and secure). Only few are in movement, mostly towards a goal. Whether they are: artists, politicians, thinkers, prophets, writers, spiritual seekers, or anyone with a vision he is on the road to.

We can live our life with a goal that keeps us in a dynamic movement (towards it), and this goal will balance us in our movement towards it. Or have static life, without a goal, and the balance would come by contact and support from his/her – social environment.

The greater or higher is the goal, the further away it is from us, and the longer is the road leading to it – so the more balanced we become in front of what threatens to throw us out of balance: accusations, refusals, heart aches, being hurt emotionally, abandonment, attacks, betrayal, self-doubt, self-guilt and more, they come on their own account, but they will not throw out of balance the one which is fixed in a high, powerful and distant, goal.


A quote:
“I say you ought to write out 10 outrageous goals that are bigger than you because your life isn’t meaningful or important unless you’re on purpose about something way bigger than you are”.
Mark Victor Hanesen.

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