On Trust and Faith

S:  How can one have trust, where to have ‘trust’ in?

G: Well, I think it is a good and intelligent question. I think that by the way you ask the question – you know the answer. You have the direction.
People say that trust is a balancing word, against the power of fear.When someone is being led by a an inexperienced leader and he is afraid that the leadership won’t be successful, we offer him to trust the leader. We offer trust when someone is afraid, and I say: don’t trust him, be watchful about the leader in the one hand, and struggle with your fears on the other.
Trust is not remedy against fear and uncertainty, it is actually a cover-up job. And I will explain, but first I want to put faith and trust together. Now, I think that in the Consciousness Way there is no place for trust and there is no place for faith. Because these two are dealing with fantasy and illusions. Not with the real world.
There are times when nothing is happening, so instead of real happening – we fantasize and believe and make ourself as though it is happening or will happen, which is a waste of good energy. And trusting or having faith are such fantasies.
With it, there is a place to put thought towards that which did not happen yet, but it should be done in order to prepare towards bad possible happenings, and not to convince yourself that it will be good somehow.
‘Trust’ and ‘faith’ are actually agents which bring good imaginary things into our miserable life. Now what I am saying about trust is that if there is good dynamics between you and another person, you don’t need trust, because there is a good dynamic. And if you do not have good dynamic, why should you have trust? Wait, or cause a good dynamic.
Trust only hides the fact that you do not have good dynamics. The same with faith, either you know higher forces exist or not. Either it is true for you or not. If it is not true, there is no point to have faith in it, because it is an imaginary fantastic thing. Is this the direction your mind went to?
S: Well, not yet, though I can see that the ‘trust’ part is used to cover up the situation.
G: What I wanted to say: in the real world, there is no point for words like ‘trust’ and ‘faith’. Trust and faith are coming to cover up when things are going in a bad way. In terms of faith, you mean: “I don’t see higher powers, I don’t see good, I don’t see angels, but I want to, so I use an in-between agent that gives me the feeling that I am dressed while I am still naked”.
In the absence of what you wish, you generate psychological make-beliefs; it is a suggestion; a, cover-up of the fact that what you want to happen doesn’t happen. That is faith.
Now, regarding trust: people might say to us: “Trust this person, trust that it will be good.”
Why do you need to trust? Because it is not good. Now, If it is not good, either you do something to make it good, or you suffer the fact that it is not good. Trust is actually covering your eyes and convincing yourself that it is going to be better. Now I think trust is dangerous, because instead of convincing yourself that it is going to be better, do something to make it better or remove yourself from this situation. And even if you can’t do either, still, stay with something that is not right, but don’t convince yourself that it is going to be better. Because than you are misleading yourself. And you are going to fall big time.
S: So trust can be used as a tool, because on the moment it is mentioned, you can know: this is a border-area, either there is trust, or there is not.
G: It is a deceiving word, it is a misleading word. People say; “When you’ll have faith and when you’ll have trust, it will be ok.” What are they actually saying: “the world is shit, but convince yourself it is not shit.”
What they say is that what is important is not the state of the world, but what you convince yourself of it. This is all psychology. This is what these two words say. There isn’t real existence, it is all about the stories you tell yourself. Tell yourselfgood stories and everything will be ok.
So, I don’t understand; you are going to go into a hole full of snakes, convince yourself it is going to be ok, and you keep on walking. It is totally stupid.
Trust and faith are directed towards people who believe that by self-conviction you can hide the situation. That is like having sunglasses and painting on the inside of the sunglasses the picture that you want to see of the world.
It is dangerous, especially in the Consciousness Way.
You didn’t expect this answer, did you?
S: No, not at all, and it is actually when I like it most, because then I know that my view is being widened up.
G: You see how we are brainwashed by society? They give us words which are basically coming to weaken the dissonance we live in, instead of living with the dissonance and seeing reality as it is. I think that any person in the world you will go to and ask, “tell me, is trust a good thing?”, I think 90% of the persons will say: ‘Trust is excellent, without trust you can’t live”. I don’t think many people will tell you: “Trust is dangerous”.
It is important to escape normal conventional thinking. And to adopt a fresh view, seeing things from the core.
S: I can see it from the point of view of the Hanged Man that trust is actually a social bribe.
G: That is beautiful, , it is a social bribe which causes your psychology to be upside down. We are convinced to reverse our thinking in order to make reality better than what it is.
It is very interesting, there was this play called “Fiddler on the Roof” by the book of Shalom Aliechem, “Tovia the Milkman” . It is a term which comes to show that the Jews, are used to being persecuted and have a terrible time and live in poverty and all the rest of it. But all the time, they had humor and the kind of belief that it will be good and one day they will be in Jerusalem. And someone coined the term “fiddler on the roof”. Now, what does it say? The house is on fire, but you are standing on the roof and playing on the fiddle. That is what we are talking about. Everything is shit, but you are standing there and say: ‘have trust’.
S: So you say; trust is blurring up the real view on things. And the moment you take it away and when you start to see what is going on, then you can really take a stand and do something about the situation.
G: That is right, and I am saying, instead of trusting that it is going to be ok, have the architect preparing yourself for not being ok. But you see, people prefer trust instead of an architect that is preparing for Murphy’s Law. The reason being, that they are afraid that if they would dwell on what bad might happen, instead of convincing themselves that it is going to be ok, that their emotions couldn’t stand it, they would collapse. So if you have strong emotions – if you manage to have a strong border and not allow your emotions to sink you, then you can look at society without the veil of trust. As stinking as it is, without falling into pieces.
The only reason why people have trust is because their emotions can’t stand the shock of seeing reality as it is. Instead of trust and faith – one should strengthen ones emotions so they can look straight into the terrible things of life without crumbling.
That is the Consciousness Way.
You can’t hold consciousness if you don’t hold reality in the other hand. And if you have reality, what good is reality if you can’t fly above it and have consciousness as well? If you only live in reality without consciousness, I think this is terrible – why to live?
I call it reality and life. Reality is seeing things as it is, from the lower standing point. Life is rising above reality with the wings of consciousness.
Instead of covering realty with words like trust, one should look it in the eye, and what will allow him not to fall under it, is his connection to higher consciousness, which will make him drunk, thus not suffering the pains of reality.
You must be drunk, you must be stoned, to be able to survive the lower levels of life. If you don’t get stoned by high consciousness, you would basically have to cover reality with words like trust and faith. I am saying I don’t want to delude myself with trust and faith. I want reality the way it is, but what will give me the ability to stand it is that fact that I can fly above it with the power of consciousness.
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