On the Damage of Mixing

What is most damaging in a person is the mixing of: high and low energies, of good intentions and bad intentions, of hurt emotions and good elevated feelings, of coarse and fine. What would happen if the lungs and the intestine would be mixed together? Also, one of the characteristics of a psychosis in the mixing of reality with invented reality, until the two become unrepeatable.
All this is causing a kind of inner pollution.
The dominance is in dissonance with submissiveness, rudeness is in dissonance with good manners, rudeness with politeness, generosity with stinginess.
And they are glued to each other by the personal force of identification.
This is still bearable, but the mixing can cause one pole to attack the other. And an inner conflict could then break out.
Unless there would be a separation between both – this life is going nowhere.
Unless a person makes a difference between what he will have and what he will say ‘no’ to – than his antithesis will enter through what he doesn’t say ‘no’ to – this is a self-cancelation formula.
The separation is done by a neutral view, through the intervention of an observer.
The separation is like how they dig gold; they separate mountains of dirt  form gold particles. in order to isolate the gold particles. (the dirt is thrown out and away, while the gold is taken up to an appropriate place).
Without a higher agent no real change is possible in the lower kingdom.

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