On Spirituality and Morality

One of the most common concepts in new age groups and more than few spiritual and religious ways, is the concept of:  ‘being good’, or ‘doing good’. The main idea behind it, is that if you choose to do and be good and refrain from doing bad – you would be more spiritual. This moral approach, actually causes the practitioner of spirituality to get stuck in a biased, one sided, approach. This will only encore him further in the same level in which he is based already. While the real effective way is to combine ‘being good’ and ‘being bad’ and this synergy of both opposing poles will actually cause him to be connected to the third pole; the neutral pole (or vector) which is located in the level above.

So, the only way to do spiritual work, is to move from being based in a low level – into a higher level, and again, this will only be done by full acceptance of both conflicting aspects of oneself. (Especially, accepting the less fortunate aspects of oneself).

Good and bad are not spiritual concepts, but they belong to the moral approach, which has got nothing to do with spirituality.

This confusion between the moral and the spiritual approach – is responsible for many searchers after truth – to be stuck in the moral approach, while they believe that the main thing which separates them from being more spiritual – is the dominance of their weaknesses, from one hand, and not doing enough good – from the other hand.

Once spirituality degenerates – what is left is morality; to be a good person.

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