On Self-Doubt

In every process, there are three stages: isolated units (physical), groups (magnetic), and dynamic (electrical).

A process begins with units, develops into groups, and culminates in dynamics.

  1. Isolated units (physical level): any process begins with occasional feelings, thoughts, every now and then. It is not continuous.
  2. Groups (magnetic level): here it is no longer a step and another step, but it happens by jumps, each jump brings about a whole group (of thoughts, feelings, etc.), here it is more continuous, and difficult to stop.
  3. Dynamic (electrical level): here it is happening from, and by, itself, it cannot be stopped, it is in inertia. Its movement is charging itself to keep on going. 

Here I would like to concentrate on one process in particular: self-doubt. It is silent, sneaking in, usually one does not notice it as self-doubt, it enters at the isolated units’ stage –unnoticed flows to groups unnoticed and then intensified into dynamic – completely unnoticed. 

And if and when we do notice the terrible result in us, we usually mistake it as an objective observation. 

What is self-doubt? In essence, it is a kind of poison, when we allow it to enter and reach the dynamic stage – the damage to your self-view is great indeed. Self-doubt is like acid poured upon living flesh. We don’t usually feel any pain (because we are so involved subjectively with the process of self-doubt), but when, and if, the forces of self-doubt reach the dynamic stage – we look inside and all we finds is ruins.

Self-doubt  is a cruel attack upon the self-view of the individual, by the individual. It begins with finding one weakness or bad quality, in oneself (physical level), this draws and connects (by associations) to another impediment or weakness and then to another, and at the next stage (magnetic level) to a whole group of faults, until finally (electrical level) the whole of our self-view – is black.

If self-doubt is stopped at the physical level, then the damage is not so great, but once it deteriorates into the magnetic level – it is very difficult to stop the process.

 Big enemies should be stopped when still small.



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