On Pure Love- 2

Death among couples – happens, it is a part of life, and many dead people were married when they died.
Usually, after one year or some times two or even three, the widow is looking for a replacement. We, as society, accept this and even encourages the widow to find a new partner.
But, this phenomena has few question marks about it.
And first; how come? Why aren’t they faithful to the deceased, as when he/she was alive? The love did not diminish as a result of the death…
What allows the widow to be unfaithful to the deceased?
At the funeral they were broken, did the few years that passed healed so miraculously the broken heart? Until they feel free to replace their beloved partner, by no less love than what was directed towards the dead partner?
Well, love is not on the same level with everyone, it can appear on various levels, the lower is the physical, or practical and functional level. Then there is the emotional level. And the thing about this two levels is, that the love on those levels is not pure, the lower is the level of love, the more blockages and impurities are in it, the higher it is – the purer it is.
Pure love burns consistently and powerfully, it is an excellent fuel. Whereas, in the emotional or functional level of love, burns faintly, with high a low flames, alternating
Pure love is spiritual, and it is everlasting, with no connection to the absence of the partner.  There are no conditions for pure love, even death. It is eternal (as long as the survivor is alive).

Two people can unite for real, only through their developed higher parts (spiritual).

Pure love exists mostly between certain spiritual teachers and some of their students, it is very frequent amongst mothers to their children, but in romantic love – it is rare, unfortunately. Romantic love could be selfish and possessive, in other words: not pure, it might have conditions, arguments and more impurities.
This impurities pollute the romantic love and cause it to be non-pure.
And when the partner dies, what raises their head are the impediments. The impurities won over the love, which allow for the search for a new partner for love.
When a partner dies, in pure love, the pain will be too great, and especially the dissonance that the survivor of pure love feels; how can he loves someone else, when his/her heart is totally devoted to the one with whom there was pure love?


When I look at my sons I. See pure love I've ever known! ❤ | Mom ...


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