On Maternal and Paternal Love




Love is inborn. It was supposed to be the fuel for the higher systems, as much as air for the lower systems.
But with us human, like many other things in us, it is reversed; instead of being a must for survival of the higher and lower systems – it became the reward and prize for leading an socialy expected life…

Being a prize – our love is conditioned, not pure like dogs love. And it is Paternal, Not maternal.

Paternal love is socially based and influenced, whereas maternal love is soul based and influenced.

The parent is loving, when, and if, the child deserves it. The mother loves exactly when the child fails- as a support and empathy in hard times.

Maternal love is given ahead as a nourishment for survival.  But the love we experience is a paternal love, meaning: if you deserve- you are being loved, if you don’t deserve – you are don’t get love. Paternal love means to be loved after fulfilling conditions. Whereas maternal love is condition-free, full of support, just because you are.

The parental approach to love leads and to emotional insecurity, especially amongst the H.S.P

Being loved just by being human beings – gives us the necessary emotional security that allows us to accept ourselves as we are fully, and thus to be able to survive life.


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