On God

The following dialogue took place on the 04th of January, 2009 between Gabriel Raam and a student:
S: In another conversation you said: “God has given us space”, and you meant with it that human being got a life, the time, here on this earth. I know it is a complex question: What do you mean by “God”?
G: Well, I will surprise you: I don’t know. Anyone that will tell you that he knows, is lying. It is impossible for anyone to know anything higher than him, directly. So people that meet angels and hear voices talk bullshit. It is impossible to do that, because we are beyond the shock point. And in simpler language – we are out of reach for these forces. And everything that is higher than us is stopped at the shock point. And we can only get it through our consciousness faculties and through deep inner happenings within our soul.
We can know God through his agents buried in us.
Basically we have got a (transmitter-)receiver, which is our consciousness, which can receive cosmic staff via the media of knowings and wisdoms.
The soul is actually a spark of God. It is a condensed staff of God, which can move through our empire and fill it up – when it is allowed freedom by us.
Consciousness is the male God, and the soul is the female God. And the male God needs to be developed. and the female God needs to be freed. So, we can’t connect to anything higher then us in the cosmos, we can only connect to the ambassadors of what is above us, through ambassadors that live within us.
S: Ok, so you say the human pack contains a few receivers?
G: It contains one receiver and one spark. Consciousness is like a transmitter-receiver and the soul is a spark (a battery), that could be in us in a condensed state and in an expanded state.
S: You describe the spark as a fire?
G: Well, not really, it could be a river. The consciousness could be a fire. It should be on fire. When the consciousness is developed and it actually attracts the right kind of energies from above, then there is a fire. This is actually the halo that you see around the heads of holy men in old paintings.
The soul and the mind unite
S: When you use the symbol of fire for consciousness, and the symbol for the soul is a river, these two could destroy each other in the wrong proportions, right?
G: yes, if the consciousness is too powerful and the soul is too weak, the consciousness perhaps evaporates the soul. When the consciousness is not strong enough then a person’s soul can drown the consciousness.
Both should be worked on simultaneously. You work on the soul by removing the obstacles of hot emotions and dominant desires, and consciousness work you do by replacing instinctive-habitual reaction with a conscious one.
All the time both should be worked on in harmony. Otherwise if the soul is too powerful, it gets all kinds of  feelings and intuitions, but without a knowing about them. This is the illuminated idiot.
If you have too much consciousness, you can become a Nazi; have all kinds of knowings, but don’t feel anything about them or about the people to whom it is directed. You become cutting and punishing with your wisdom.
The free soul and the awakened mind are like a peaceful lake of  softness that has got a fire in it. That is the best combination.

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