On Current Spirituality

We are much less religious (living in accordance with God), less spiritual (less dealing in inner work) – than those who have been before. It is enough to look at middle age paintings and listen to middle age music – both are to do mostly with religious acts, or religious texts.
And what today? Well like a colored glass being thrown on the floor – all we are left with are small pieces of something which was beautiful and wholesome. To us it seems that almost every second person we meet is on some sort of spiritual path. But it is a front window spirituality, popular spirituality (new age spirituality) that promises happiness and peace of mind, it is not a challenging spirituality, a hard work spirituality, but a spirituality which comes to please, and to be consumed.
Today, spirituality is in fashion, it is a dress and cover of real spirituality.The core, essence and being, of spirituality, are what we need to reach, and work for.

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