On Competitive Sports

תוצאת תמונה עבור competitive sports

Competitive sports, such as: tennis, table tennis, football, handball, basketball, boxing, fencing, rugby, baseball, judo, car race, horse racing and many more – are a metaphor about how we feel with others: we have to be better than them. We compare: which one of us has done a better deal with his life?

If we wouldn’t have the competition drive in us, we will not bother to watch those competitive sports.
When we watch those sports, we do a projection of our personal drive – into the players.

sports is the arena on which we identify with the one of  competitors, want him to win over the other, and this identification gives expression to the access competitiveness with which we live.
In fact there are no gentle competitive sports, for aggression is the fuel – there.
And for one to win, another must loose. (Or more than one, when it is a team).
Competitive games are actually a battle field, you come to defeat the other, (or the other team).

We don’t have compassion for the looser, only admiration for the winner. For one side to be the victor – the other must be humiliated, with no sympathy or empathy from the spectators.

The philosophy in this games is that In order to succeed you must be better than the other.

People go crazy after this sports. It is for rough and though people, not for the sensitive, the gentle and the fine.
What would happen to all this aggressive energies, if competitive sports would perish? Well, we don’t want to even really think about this possibility, it could be too difficult to bare.

If one has to compete or, rather to struggle or endeavor – it is with his self-actualization goal, and not with another human being!

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