A Dialogue On Borders

S: The holistic point of view that everything is connected with everything dazzles me sometimes. In the Consciousness Way, I learn to separate myself from society, and to put a border in between me and what happens around me. Is there still any truth in the sentence: “Everything is connected with everything?”

G: In nature, things are quiet mixed and interconnected, but for a human being, the humans themselves are in separate envelopes, and everything in us is in separate envelopes. Now the whole idea of separate envelopes, of separate packages is that when something is sealed, there is a possibility in it to develop something.
In order for something to grow, it needs a confinement. It needs a separation. When things are already reaching their maturity than they can interconnect with everything else.
The planet is a cooking pot, it is a green house basically, for consciousness and for soul. And that is why everything here should exist in a unique way, in a separate way. That is why individuality here is so important. But not individuality because everything needs to be egocentric and think about itself. But individuality so a person can come to a fulfillment of the true potential in himself.
If the borders are broken, nothing can happen within
What happens with death, or when a person goes crazy: the borders between him and the world fall down. Society wants very much that people will be melted to one big herd, that everyone is like everyone else. Society is against individuality. Only when you see and take the border into account, then you can actually connect to the actual meaning of something. Because the meaning of something is depending on the symbolic representation of its outer border. When you look at the outer border of something you can have an understanding of its essence. When you look at a tiger he has got a different border line than a rabbit. And you need to be aware of the borders because the border actually is what signifies the inner aspect of your existence.
And the idea that everything is connected is an infantile idea. It says: “If you get rid of your problem – your borders – and actually unite with everything else and become one with everything – then all will be good.”
That is a dangerous idea.
S: So actually you say: in order to be connected, you need a border?
G: That is right.
S: In order to understand the meaning of things you have to be aware of the border. And you should recognize its symbolic representation?
G: That is right, you look at the border and try to understand the border. To understand the line of the border.
You see: when you’ve got borders, you’ve got consciousness. Because consciousness exists in borders; if you have no border you become a chaotic and amorphic being. Now, the fact that you have borders doesn’t mean that you are separated. It only means that you are an autonomic being, which can communicate from one autonomic being to another autonomic being. But we don’t want to communicate, we want to melt. To be One.
And one of the ideas of being mature is to understand that you can’t melt. You need to keep your individuality and communicate from your individuality!
A person can’t be an autonomic human until he knows where he ends and where he begins. What he can do and what he can’t do. And I think, if you are mature in your consciousness, you can accept the concept of borders and live with it. When you are infantile, you see borders as something which rob your freedom, but borders are not against freedom.
If I talk about borders in classical music, laws in classical music, it is about what you can do and what you can’t, when you play classical music, or when you write classical music.
When you actually understand the border, it gives you the freedom to compose, within the border, the most fantastic music! But if you don’t have the border between rock music and classical music, you get nothing. It is a cacophony.
I love borders.
S: Yes! I can see it! So you say it is an infantile idea to believe that being One is what is supposed to happen. And you can’t melt anymore once you know where you begin and where you end, with recognition of the borders. But can a person still melt through communication?
G: Not melt. You see melting is against life. Life only exists in a confinement. If everything is melting in everything, nothing can live.
You need to understand a very deep concept:
When we die, the first thing that happens is that the borders of the body disintegrate. And you become one with the earth; and then you seize to be. And when you are born, you are born with defined borders. The whole idea of body language is trying to understand the essence of a person by the way that his borders are being portrayed.
Another example: when someone gets crazy, the border between him and reality disappears.
S: Would that means that life is the opposite? Like crystallization and defining borders in a very fine level?
G: First of all, everything exists within borders, when you do not have the borders, you do not have existence.
Individual existence needs a chore and borders, what happens between the chore and the borders, that is the individuality, that is the presence of that being. Now, if God would want everything to be the same, he wouldn’t have created individual beings, animals and plants.
A very important word is individuality. This is the planet of individual things. All organic life is individual. If you look at the forces of nature it is not individual, the border is not individual. The air is not individual. Every mountain looks the same.
Individuality belongs to higher levels of life. And one thing is that human beings don’t know what to do with their individuality. They want to break the borders, but you have borders, so you can grow something within them. Grow a potential.
What do people want to reach with “everything is connected with everything” – what  are they actually saying? Why are they saying it?
First of all: it gives people a good feeling, they think: “Oh, me and my problems. No one knows that I exist and other people got their own life.” And then others say to them: “No, no, you are connected, the universe is talking to you, and you are part of the universe, we love you.” That is how I see it.
When you have individuality and borders, you have responsibility.

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