New Language

Every new, original and high influence, must have וits own language, to describe, mediate and catch, this new influence.
The language which was used until now, is good for what has been, not for what is coming.

Any Influence is not visible, it is energy, thus it needs a dress to wrap around its contours, and so make it visible and accessible. And the dress are is the new language.
But without learning a new terminology, there would be no refreshing and revitalizing of the old paradigm, by the new high influence.

A high influences and forces – are communicating through new esoteric knowledge, and it is the new terminology which is the embodiment and entry gate into the new offered influence.

New knowledge is the first clock around a new influence. How do you know that a new influence is around? It is being announced by the forerunners of the new, unprecedented, upside down – knowledge.  

Some examples:

reversal point. Personal involvement. Higher and lower subconscious. Emotional and infantile – maturity.
Neutral vector. The observer. Sublimation of lower emotions.
Human warmth. Self-acceptance. Putting boundaries. 2 thirds and one third. Negative and positive dynamics. To contain both opposing poles. Feedback. Self-doubt and self-guilt. Practicing defense systems. Inner demons. Emotional dissonance. Emotional insecurity. The dominance of Social norms and the conformation to it. Entry point. To be spies (to live in one world, to act in another). Friendship. Objection. The antithesis. Quantum leap into consciousness level. Vertigo. Architect. Staying with questions rather than answers. Living with paradoxes. Authenticity. Being assertive. Three pulses of consciousness. Floor and ceiling. Atmosphere. Identification. In praise of the negative, female, yin – pole. In praise of ‘non doing’ and ignoring. In praise of dialogue. Vertical vector (high and low) and the horizontal vector (good and bad). Highly sensitive persons. Outsiders and rebels. An esoteric school. New knowledge. Power struggle. Pure love. Soul. Being a warrior. Emotional hurt. Being a scapegoat- a drain pipe. To be born twice. To experience the Click. Management of emotions. Blocking and pushing down. Observer checklist. Be, do, have. Giving space to another. Coarse and fine. To be born twice. True nobility. Bird cage. Having and facing one’s life. To be in a Bardo state. The void. Giving credit. Being charged. To throw behind the back. Neutral vector. In praise of failur.


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