Living in Deceit

Many people are living in deceit.
Outside they appear much better than how they are in their private life.
We learn (not formally) that as long as you are not caught ‘red-handed’, it is ok to be non-authentic, because what counts is your social persona, (and any way, no one is interested in the others inside).
There is strict separation between the inner and outer court.
It is true that many people do not have such a radical distance between what they show and what they are.
But it is also true especially for what are called: ‘public figures’. By the low of equalizing inner and outer -pressures, the greater is the public pressure upon their image- the more they will compensate inside to the opposite direction.
And the other way around; the more deviant and subject to his lower parts – is this ‘public figure’- the more his exterior will be polished and shining.
Why is that?
Why being authentic is only a cliché that we use publically and formally?
Why so many of us (especially high statues persons) learn in a non-formal way, that if you act as you are inside – you will be treated as naive, a sure failure in your life.
They (the public voice) don’t call this deceit, but having the ability to get along and even succeed, in life.

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