Living an Absurd Life

Sisyphus, the symbol of the absurdity of existence, painting by Franz Stuck (1920)

We are born, grow up then make a family, we become well based in what we have been working for, but then, one day we die.
This is absurd, total absurd; to be born, built a life, only suddenly being turn away from his life, in order to disappear, forever.
There is no greater absurd, and this makes all in our life to be absurd.
For, in the face of it; what is the point of everything, if we live only in order to be destroyed?
Living in intimacy with this absurd should cause dread and great fear; (that’s why we ‘put our head in the send’, about this absurd).
Everything becomes small and insignificant in the face of this absurdity: to live and built a life in order to die, doesn’t make sense at all.
So if you live in absurd – be absurd yourself, act in an absurd way. It gives you freedom.
But people are looking for justice, happiness, and popularity -but in the face of the great absurd which is our life, all this loses it meaning and value.
This is morbid, some would say, ‘how can you live like that’?
Well there is only one way; to take upon yourself a mission and a goal which are greater than you and your life. For life for the sake of living has no meaning only absurd.

The best mission is to become creative, and create out of yourself something which wasn’t before.
So, creativity could be an antidote to the absurd. And there is no higher creativity than the creativity of ourselves. And what a greater mission is there, if not to create oneself, you created something alive out of you. And this creativity gives true meaning. It is true that this does not evacuate the absurdity of life, but it could be bearable at least.

You live in what you have created.

There is no higher creativity than the creation of ourselves.

We continue to live, for real, not in our physical children, but in our inner createe children, which is what we could create out of us, which must be higher and thus more meaningful than just being alive just because you already live.
The only real realistic way to live with the absurd, is by what we manage to create out of ourselves, which is higher than our daily life.
Creativity will make the absurd more possible to live with.

The existential approach is the only jumping board into high level. And this is because the existential approach puts you in a situation of no choice.
And we only take choice – when there is no choice. And the absurd is such a no choice situation.


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