Life of a Person – Like a Cannon Ball


Life of a person is like a cannon ball, being shot out from the canon of birth.  Its route is a parabola shape, it has three rough stages:

1. In the beginning of the shot, the parabola is at its lowest,

2.then it reaches its maximum height,

3. And then it drops down, until it reaches the ground again.

 In the beginning it is the ejecting power of the cannonball, it would usually be charged by a most powerful energy in the whole route of the cannonball (the energy of ejection into the world). The moral is that the great power of ejecting a new born baby into the world, will lasts only during childhood and also youth in general. The child and the young are full with this powerful ejecting force of birth. At some point the power of the shooting out -weakens, and the power of the earth gravitation is getting stronger, until a point of equation, (the top hieght of the parabola). When the two forces (the power of the ejection into life is now equal to the gravitational pull of the earth); and then it begins its sinking down. During the life of a person, the hieght equalized point happens somewhere around the age of 40, from that point on, the power and vigor of life is getting lesser and lesser, and then it sinks down back to the earth from where it was shot (where is has lost all of the initial ejecting force).
In the course of life of a person -from that high point of the parabola, downwards, any aspiration any drive and high motivation – is dying out slowly.

It could be obsereved in artists, musicians, poets etc. most of them (exluding a few) reachs the hiegt of its fame and succsesse – before they are about 40, and then after taht their source of creativity and inspiration is getting lesser and lesser.
Any creative force and spiritual longing is drying out (as it surrendered to the gravitational pull of the earth). And above 70 (when the cannonball it returning back the earth) he is in a state of a ‘dry fruit’ already. Not much juice is left, just living for living’s sake. The power of the shooting is almost gone completely, now, and the pull of the earth (now that there is no resistance of the initial pushing force) is getting stronger almost by the minute.
This is a gloomy picture, but there is a way to get out of this sad destiny for the cannonball: a downfall from heights of vigor and dynamics to a lifeless, vigureless existence.
Imagen that there are actually two sources of power, not only one, like with birth of a human. The other source of power (packed with the most powerful energy) is above and beyond human level, and what is more, like any entity, it has a gravitational pull of its own. The second oprion could be called: reversal (or pivot) point.
now if in the sinking of human (usually after the age of 40) – if instead of trying to cling to the diminishing initial force of birth – he is now projecting all his might and all his being – towards this high goal – then if he is really dedicated totally to this high goal, and if his projection (to the high entity) is continuous, steady and total – his projection might just make a Hooke and a contact with this high source of power. And from that moment on, it is no longer the push of his beginning which is charges him with vigor and life. From now on (after the successful clinging to the higher source of power) he can surrender himself to the powerful pulling force, he now let himself go. Now (after the clinging to the second source of power) he begins to be in reception of high knowing, high inspirations and above all, a great boost of energy, and charged force.

We receive our initial energy and force from the beginning, the great challenge it to switch to the reception of this high unlimited force (which exists beyond the end).
The switch from a low initial source of power to a high
second one, could be called: second birth, or Satori or illumination

By: Gabriel Raam

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