The Powerful Influence of Social Conditioning on Real Human Contact

What is it about animals that fascinates us? We can watch them and be with them for hours, and if we work or live with them – we get connected and attached to them in such a way that if something happened to them – our heart would break. We have special affection and connection with almost all animals, not so with all human beings, not in all situations.

The question is: Why do we have it with most animals and not with most human beings?
For example, in hospitals: Would we find the same degree of care and personal commitment that we would find at the vet or at the house of a family having a pet (any pet)? And if not, why not? Well, one reason is the being of the animals. Animals have a pure, radiant, uncovered being, easy and free to connect to – being. While us human beings – have our being hidden and covered by a conditioned and conditioning acquired – social persona, which leaves no room for authentic contact. This causes alienation, which is completely absent between us and any animal (whose being was never socially conditioned).

Another reason is humanity, yes, yes, humanity. Apparently, we, human beings lost the ability to have human warmth and humanity as a natural communicational quality. For example, when someone comes to his friend and says that he is in a big crisis because the love of his life is abandoning him, would his friend give his most needed qualities of: Support, humanity, human warmth, and compassion, or, like most people, would he give practical advice (“Get registered to a dating website”)?

Well, the most powerful element in social conditioning is to conform to the norms and to belong to a system (a social system in this case), and any system is inhuman because it does not relate to human beings only to functions within the system, (and you are measured by how much you fit and contribute to the system). And the relationship between humans and animals is free of any social pressure, so humanity, human warmth, empathy, and care are flowing freely between them.

(Social conditioning is so powerful, mainly because it uses a special sub-conscious language to pass its messages).

 More about the power of societies’ influence in the essay: “Emil Durkheim’s radical teaching”

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