The Good Of The Bad State

The good state that people experience, is more fragile then they realize. People think they deserve to feel good. That they posses the right to be in a good state. And they feel there is no chance that someone will take this away from them. People refuse to realize that the good they experience is a fragile margin in-between one bad experience to another.
The reason that they don’t want to realize it, is because it will throw them into emotional dissonance: realizing that, most of the time they are not in a good state, and this good state is a new one, and maybe it will not continue for long!
The moment people feel good they forget the bad times, and convince themselves that this is their constant state. Otherwise they fear they will fall into a “fear of hight”, a fear that they are going to fall any minute.
People would like to believe that good is something normal, and when it is good after a long time of “bad”, they say: “Of course”.  And if they don’t say “of course” they would have to realize that there is a better chance that the bad will happen rather than the good. And this causes them to have a negative appreciation of their life. This is the emotional dissonance mentioned earlier.
People basically would like to believe that everything is ok, and they deserve to be ok, and if they are not ok now, then it is because of a small disturbance in the long line of “ok” -while in fact, it is the opposite.
If you would go to a friend and say: “Please describe me the ratio of being in a good state and feeling good, in the relation to the crisis and the traumas that are in your life.” What do you think they would answer?
Most people would say: “most of the time I am good, like 7 out of 10 and from time to time there is bad things, like 3 out of 10.” But they don’t want to face the fact that most of the time it is bad and the good is only 3.
And then they would not take into account the 80% of argument they have with their partner, and so on.
People choose to think that they feel good most of the time, because they fear that if they would face the truth of their life, they won’t be able not to crack under it, and fall into a deep depression.
But they are wrong, what they are running away from, will get them in the end. While admitting the truth of their life will give the the power to fight that, which comes to take it away. A Power which they do not have, because they waste it, loose it, by running away from the naked truth of their life.
One may say that evil does not exist for subjective man at all, that there exist only different conceptions of good. Nobody ever does anything deliberately in the interests of evil, for the sake of evil. Everybody acts in the interests of good, as he understands it. But everybody understands it in a different way. Consequently men drown, slay, and kill one another in the interests of good.

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