Getting Old

It is so sad to see old people. And not because they are less able, physically and mentally. (Or because they are going to die soon). An old man without wisdom is sorry sight; a human in their most deteriorated state.

It is because they lost youth but should have gained wisdom.

Without it they are naked, empty, deteriorated, they lost (by over usage) the initial gifts of the joy of living, hope and motivation, and so, are left with nothing.

To see an old wise man is a rare accurance, we are so used to see them saying clichés, dogmas, accepted sayings. Nothing fresh, new, of their own (that they learned from their life), that they managed to salvage out of the continuing shedding of their initial gifts from nature.

With every loss, every deterioration, with every losing of their youthful attractiveness – they should rebel against it by digging out of their disappearing sinking life – the Fertilizers (questions) for growing their flowers of wisdom.

To be able to translate their downfall into deep and beautiful rising flowers of wisdom.

Our life brings about illnesses and disasters. But the only way to come out winning over a disaster is by taking out of it a lesson. To become rich by what everyone throws to the sides, such as:  what does this experience mean? What its value, quality and intelligence about it?

His deteriorated life leaves behind huge question, which usually are left unaddressed.

An old wise man is not poor, or flat and forecastable. He is rich, overflowing with the vision he now has about the meaning and value of being alive.

We consume our life, and when there is nothing more to consume (for we have consumed it all), we remain starving (for attention, warmth, care). Instead of consumption we should have created the only creativity in this life which counts, and this is to create understanding and depth from what has passed throughout our life.

Growing wise during on’s life, is the only remedy to keep you young (in your consiousness).


Life is passing by, what we experienced is lost in the depth of the ocean of time, it is erased as though it never happened.
We cannot take it with us.
But there is one thing which can stay with us , forever, and it is the knowing or understanding, that we managed to extract out of a particular experience.
If we did, then we are rich beyond measure, and our treasurer is called: wisdom.
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