Friendship in Us and in Animals

Any animal which will be raised close to another animal or human – will develop friendship as a natural relation. It is a living organism, therefore it deserves the best friendship just because it is alive.

For us it is not enough, it is not enough that he or she are human beings, part of humanity – there are conditions. He or she has to be like that or like that, otherwise friendship will not flourish.

It is like food, if you are hungry, almost any food will do, but if you are not hungry and there is abundance of products, you are selective. 

We exchange the simple human factor with adopted, acquired factors; such as success, popularity, charisma, beauty, influence, career, humor and more. What is common to most of this factors, is that those are more social then human. The humanistic approach to friendship gave way to social conformed factors.

In fact we could be friends with much wider spectrum of people than we can imagen, but we are too conditioned by social norms.

And so this inborn, humanistic important factors, (without which our life would be bleak and lonely) – is being polluted by social conditioning. 

So, the main difference is conditioning; animal’s friendship is with no conditioning, whereas ours is conditioned.

Well, if asked about the existence of friendship amongst human, we would probably point towards some individuals with whom unconditioned friendship exist. But usually not without going through (together) a process of personal development, growth and maturing, mainly in the area of the emotions, this process will shed away the extra conditioning in order to return back to it its initial originality. 

Animals have no conditions, they cannot be choosey about whom they would become friends with, and feel close to. It is in their being to feel this way to any creature nearby. They cannot otherwise, but we can, and very stupidly we are stingy with our friendship, not realizing that living even one day without this, is a wasted life, a life not worse living.

In our culture we treat friendship as a bonus, a reward, a prize for living proper life, if we live by social conditioning – we deserve friendship, but it should be the other way around;
we if we put friendship not at the top of our longing, but as a vital base – then our emotional insecurity will not be so intense. Friendship as a vital base, (with no social conditioning) is the best remedy against one of the greatest disease of so many people: loneliness & emotional insecurity.


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